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Types of cloud architecture include:

a) Private
b) Public
c) Hybrid


Advantage(s) of Private Cloud are:

a) Complete control of Infrastructure
b) Benefits of Public Cloud
c) Better security and privacy


Disadvantage(s) of Private Cloud are:

a) Maintenance
b) Staffing


Advantage(s) of Public Cloud are:

a) No CapEx
b) Low monthly fees


Disadvantage(s) of Public Cloud are:

a) No control over features and versions
b) No physical access


Advantage(s) of Hybrid Cloud are:

a) Avoid disruptions and outages
b) Adhere to regulation, governance, etc.
c) Span both Public and Private Cloud
d) Reduced CapEx


Disadvantage(s) of Hybrid Cloud are:

a) Complex Infrastructure


What is a Region?

a region is a set of datacenters deployed within a latency-defined perimeter and connected through a dediated reqgional low-latency network.
- or -
two or more data centers not too far from each other connected by fiber.


What is a Paired Region?

another region designated as a failover for a particualr region


Describe an Availability Zone?

a) a physical location within a region
b) has its own power, cooling and networking
c) each region has a minimum of three zones


Describe the characteristics of a Resource Group

a) each resource can exist in only one resource group
b) you can add or remove resources to any resource group at any time
c) a resource can be moved from one resource group to another
d) resources from multiple regions can be in a single resource group.
e) users with access to a resource group can have access to any resource in that group
f) resources can interact with other resources in other resource groups
g) a resource has a location for its meta data


Benefits associated with the Azure Resource Manager (ARM)

a) Group Resource Handling
b) Consistency of state
c) Dependency definition
d) Access Control unity
e) Resource tagging
f) Billing unity


Group Resource Handling allows

deploy, manage, and montitor resrouces as a group