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For- how parliament affects people's lives

Parliament’s decisions affect both men and women so women should be able to vote from the MPs who pass those laws


For- responsibilities of women/ men

There are many single women who bear the same responsibilities as men


For- increasing opportunities

Women have increasing opportunities in education and work- the vote should come next


For- financial responsibilities of women/ men

Women pay taxes just like men


For- trusting women

Women can already vote in local elections and they can serve on local government bodies such as education committees- this shows that they can be trusted with the vote


For- knowledge/ respect of men/ women

Many uneducated working men can vote, whilst well-educated, ‘respectable’ women can’t


For- knowledge of women

Women have special skills and expertise in areas such as education and the home- they can help Parliament make better laws concerning issues in these areas


Against- roles of men/ women

Men and women have different interests and responsibilities: women are home-makers and mothers, whilst it is the role of men to debate and take difficult decisions


Against- classes

It is mainly middle-class women campaigning for the vote. They will have little interest in laws to help ordinary working people


Against- trusting women

Women are not rational- they are too emotional to be trusted with the vote


Against- nature of women

Women are pure and should be protected from the grubby world of politics


Against- role of women in the country

Women do not fight in wars for their country, so they should not have a say in whether the country should go to war


Against- importance of vote

There are much more pressing concerns, such as Ireland and the trade unions to worry about- forget about the vote


Against- responsibilities of women

Giving respectable women the vote will encourage them to develop their careers and neglect their family duties, resulting in only undesirable classes having children