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Which government was elected in January 1906?



How many Liberal MPs were in favour of women's suffrage?

400 out of 650, including Bannerman (PM)


What is introduced in March 1907, and what happens to it?

A women's suffrage bill, but opponents delay it for so long that it runs out of time


What happens in February 1908?

A new women's suffrage bill is introduced and is passed on to a second reading, but gets no furhter


What happens in March 1909?

The Liberal Government introduces a radical new suffrage bill, giving votes to nearly all adult men and women; it wins a majority of 34 on a second reading, but gets no further


What happens in November 1909?

A general election is called and the suffrage bill is temporarily dropped


What happens in June 1910, and what was it called?

An all-party committee drafts a conciliation bill which gives women the vote and is acceptable to all parties; on a second reading it is passed by a majority of 110, it was called the Conciliation Bill


What happens in November 1910?

Repeat general election is called, so the Conciliation Bill is cancelled


What happened in May 1911?

The Conciliation Bill is reintroduced and gets majority of 167. Asquith announces that the government will proceed with the bill in 1912


What happened in November 1911?

The Liberals refuse to support the Conciliation Bill, and instead want a bill that would widen the vote for men; the bill would not mention women- Asquith says the MPs can amend the bill to include women if they want


What happens in March 1912?

There is a second reading of the Conciliation Bill. It is defeated by 14 votes


What happens in 1913?

Attempts are made to include women in the Male Suffrage Bill, but the speaker announces that amendments would change the nature of the bill, so the women's vote amendments are withdrawn


What happens in May 1913?

A new private member's bill to give women the vote is introduced, but defeated by a majority of 48


When did women get the vote?



What were the conditions of women getting the vote?

Women had to be over 30, owners of property, or married to an owner of property, or a member or married to a member of the Local Government Register


When did women get full voting rights?