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Why would a clean path method be used?

Used for explosive scenes as residues are often slight and dissipate rapidly.

OC scene may need to authorise an expert to enter the centre of the scene before it has been fully examined.


Legally you are allowed to set fire to your own property, unless you?

-Intent to cause loss to someone else as a result of the fire

No all to know that the firewall in danger life

Know that the fire is likely to destroy or damage someone else’s property as a consequence.


The fire service specialist fire investigator will liaise with the designated police fire investigator liaison officer or other member of police in relation to four specific matters.


Handover of the fire scene

Access to the fire scene

Process for examination and investigation

Identification and collection of evidence at the fire scene


Five examples of carelessness that might result in fire could include

Mis using electricity

Children playing with matches, cigarette lighter’s and so on

Burning of paint

Vagrants lighting fires

Welding and other industrial processes

Leaving cloths near heating

Wrapping up live ashes on paper


Setting off fireworks

Burning rubbish

Using the Mystikal campfires

Leaving a Stove or heater on

Leaving fat unattended while cooking



In determining the seat of the fire the specialist fire investigator Will consider?

Witness reports

When they first noticed the fire and where they were at the time

The state of the fire at the time

Wind direction and speed, weather

The direction of spread colour of flames and smoke.

Severity of the damage

Depth of charring

The presence of starting devices

Reports and opinions from other specialists


The powers conferred by section 42 of the fire emergency New Zealand in 2017 on the person in charge of the fire service at the Fire site are?

Enter in the land building or structure

Break into any building or structure they may be on fire or otherwise in danger at all that is near the emergency

Take will send any equipment or machine required to be used into through or upon any land building or structure

Remove from in the land building or structure that is on fire or otherwise in danger or that is near the emergency any flammable combustible explosive for dangerous material found in that building or structure

Cause any building or structure that is on fire or otherwise endangered or there is adjacent to or in the vicinity of any building or structure that is on fire or otherwise in danger to be pulled down or shored up

Cause any building or structure to be pulled down or shored up at the time of the emergency or within reasonable time afterwards