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Arterial Line
Preprocedure: Obtain what supplies?

Preprocedure for Arterial line: obtain heparinized syringe for sample collection and a standard syringe for waste.


Intraprocedure: What should be collected?
Placed both on what solution?
Make sure and do what once solution collecting is done?

Collected: waste and specimen
Place both on ice
After Collecting: flush arterial line with preconnected flushing system


Arterial Line: Complications

Hematoma, arterial occlusion, air embolism


What is a Hematoma?

When blood accumulates under the skin at the IV site.


What is an air embolism?
Monitor what s/s for air embolism?

Definition: Air enters the arterial system during catheter insertion.
S/S: s.o.b, decrease in SaO2, chest pain, anxiety, air hunger.