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What needs to be gathered before Arterial Puncture proceudre?
Perform what test prior to procedure to verify patent radial and ulnar circulation?

Heparinized syringe
Perform an Allen's test and compress the ulnar and radial arteries while instructing patient to form a fist.


What do patients experience as a result of repeated ABG level checks?



Once collecting the specimen, it should be placed in what? This preserves which lab values?
Once preserved, where does the specimen go? How quick must it get there?

Placed collected and capped specimen into a basin of ice and water to preserve pH and O2 pressure.
Transport to lab immediately!


Post Procedure:
how long should you hold pressure for?
Patients with anticoagulant therapy should hold pressure for how long?

Hold pressure for 5 minutes
Anticoagulant pt: Hold pressure for 20 minutes