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What are the main branches of brain blood supply

Internal carotid arteries
Vertebral arteries


How can you clinically organise blood supply to the brain

Anterior circulation
Posterior circulation
Connected by Circle of Willis


What is circle of Willis
What are it’s branches

Collateral branches between anterior and posterior circulation to allow diversion of blood in case of an occlusion
2 x Posterior communicating arteries: connects PCA + MCA
1 x Anterior communicating artery: connects ACAs


What artery gives rise to anterior circulation what are the branches

Internal carotid artery

Anterior cerebral artery
Middle cerebral artery


What artery gives rise to posterior circulation
What are its branches

Vertebral arteries - merge to form basilar artery

Posterior cerebral artery
Superior cerebellar artery
Anterior inferior cerebellar artery
Posterior inferior cerebellar artery
Pontine arteries
Anterior spinal artery


What structures does MCA supply
What association areas

Lateral aspect of Frontal, Temporal, Parietal lobes
Internal capsule + Lentiform nucleus
Anterior part of corpus callosum

Primary motor cortex: UL, Face, Jaws, Lips
Primary somatosensory cortex: UL, Face, Jaws, Lips
Broca’s area
Wernicke area


What are lenticulostriate arteries
What are clinical features of occlusion of these vessels

Perforating branches of MCA that supply internal capsule and lentiform nucleus

Pure motor stroke: infarction of internal capsule affecting corticospinal tracts of Face, UL, Trunk, LL


What structures does ACA supply
What association areas

Medial aspect of Frontal, Parietal lobes

Primary motor cortex: Trunk, LL, Genitals
Primary somatosensory cortex: Trunk, LL, Genitals


How may you distinguish between ACA and MCA stroke
Why might this not be reliable

By difference in region of body with sensory loss/UMNL signs
ACA: medial aspect of homunculus
MCA: lateral aspect of homunculus

MCA supplies internal capsule so can also present with truncal + LL Motor signs


What structures does PCA supply
What association areas are involved

Occipital lobe
Inferior aspect of temporal lobe
Hippocampus (temporal lobe)

Primary visual cortex


How may you distinguish bw PCA and MCA occlusion
Why might this not be reliable

Presence of visual symptoms
Presence of memory symptoms

PCA supplies thalamus, may also have somatosensory symptoms


What structures do Cerebellar arteries supply

Cerebellum: Superior, anterior inferior, posterior inferior surfaces respectively
Midbrain, pons, lateral medulla respectively


How may you distinguish between proximal and distal occlusion of cerebellar arteries
Why is this

Presence of brainstem signs with cerebellar signs in proximal occlusion
Cerebellar arteries give off perforating branches to brainstem as they travel across brainstem to cerebellum


What are pontine arteries
What structures do they supply

Perforating arteries arising from basilar artery that perforate pons

Corticospinal tracts


How might occlusion of pontine arteries present

Locked in Syndrome


What is anterior spinal artery
What structures does it supply

Artery arising from two vertebral arteries that travel anteriorly to spinal cord

Anterior 2/3 spinal cord:
Spinothalamic tract
Corticospinal tract


How might occlusion of anterior spinal artery present

Loss of pain, temp, crude touch sensation
With sparing of DCML modalities