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What is the first input into the cerebral circulation?

Vertebral A that ascend up through the foramen magnum


What do the vertebral A contribute to in regard to cerebral circulation ?

The posterior circulation of the brain


What do the carotid A contribute to in regard to cerebral circulation?

Anterior circulation of the brain


Describe the anterior cerebral circulation

2 major branches going to the brain from the internal carotid

IC = 1) anterior cerebral A, 2) middle cerebral A

Anterior communicating A + posterior communicating A connects the circle = circle of willis


What does the anterior communicating A connect?

2 anterior cerebral A


Which is the commonest A involving strokes?

Middle cerebral A

Supply a large area = strokes are very devastating


What does the middle cerebral A supply?

Most of the lateral aspect of the cerebral hemisphere

Lateral aspect of frontal lobe

Lateral aspect of parietal lobe

Therefore the lateral aspects of the motor and sensory homunculus

Superior aspect of the temporal lobe


What are the branches of the middle cerebral A?

Lenticulostriate A = very small = susceptible to emboli


What does the anterior cerebral A supply?

Most medial portions of the frontal and parietal lobes


Describe the posterior cerebral circulation

Vertebral A converge on the clivus = form midline vessel =basilar A

Basilar A bifurcates = 2 posterior cerebral A

Posterior cerebral A are connected to the anterior circulation by the posterior communicating A

Vertebral A has a proximal branches that converge = anterior spinal A


What does the posterior cerebral A supply?

Occipital lobe

Inferior part of the temporal lobe



What connects the posterior cerebral A to the anterior cerebral circulation?

Posterior communicating A


What branches does the vertebral A give off?

Proximal branches that converge = anterior spinal A

Posterior inferior cerebellar A = supply posterior inferior cerebellum, medulla


What does the anterior spinal A supply?

Anterior 2/3 of the spinal cord


What are the branches of the basilar A?

Pontine A = supply pons (corticospinal tract)

Superior cerebellar A = supply superior cerebellum, midbrain

Anterior inferior cerebellar A = supply anterior inferior cerebellum, pons


If one of the cerebellar A are damaged/occluded what structure will be effected?


Region of the cerebellum supplied


What is the result from a basilar/pontine artery infarct?

Destruction of the corticospinal tract = locked in syndrome