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Hip joint

Ball and socket joint


Parts of hip joint

- Acetabulum
- Acetabular fossa
- Lunate surface
- Head of femur
- Ligaments
- Synovial membrane
- Nerves
- Blood vessels



o Articular/nonarticular regions
o 1/5 pubis- medial
o 2/5 ischium – lateral
o Ilium- superior


Acetabular fossa

o Deepest, nonarticulating
o Primarily ischium


Lunate surface

o Aricualr surface
o Cartilage covered
o Acetabular labrum - fibrocartilaginous ring that attaches to lateral margin & synovial membrane to deepen acetabulum
o Acetabular notch - lunate surface is incomplete inferiorly, making the notch continuous with the fossa
o Transverse acetabular ligament bridges the acetabular notch
o Acetabular notch creates a foramen for blood vessels to supply joint


Head of femur

o Direction is superior/medial
o Surface is covered by articular cartilage, which is thicker above supporting weight
o Exception: rough depression center = fovia captiis femoris
o Ligament capitus femoris attaches


Ligaments of hip joint

- Articular capsule
- Acetabular labrum
- Transverse acetabular ligament
- Zona orbigularis
- Iliofemoral ligament
- Pubofemoral ligament
- Ischiofemoral ligament
- Ligament capitus femoris


Articular capsule

• Strong, loose around joint
• Attach: margins acetabulum few mm from labrum...
o Lateralarlly to medial side of greater trochanter
o Anteriorly intertrochanteric line
o Posterirly 1 cm above intertrochanteric crest
o Fibers over neck of femur > acetabular rim
• Inferioly- blends transvers acetabular ligament
• THICK anterior/superior for greater R area
• Thin posterior/inferior
• Distally become zona orbicularis
• Proximally become iliofemorla, pubofemoral, ischiofemoral


Acetabular labrum

• Triangular
• Fibrocartilaginous
• Deepens cavity
• Blends transverse acetabular at acetabular notch
• Helps hold head femur in acetabulum


Zona orbicularis

• DISTAL part of articular capsule become this
• Around neck fo femur


Iliofemoral ligament

• longest, widest, strongest
• inverted Y shaped
• Anterior joint
• Transversed by: articular branch deep branch medial femoral circumflex


Describe attachments for the inverted Y shape of the iliofemoral ligament

o Stem: ilium immed below AIIS
o Base 1: anterior part greater trochanter (often called Iliotrochanteric ligament)
o Base 2: intertrochanteric line


Pubofemoral ligament

• Not well developed
• Anterior to iliofemoral
• Origin: obturator crest and superior ramus of pubis (anterior iliopectineal eminence)
• Direction inferiorlateral
• Attach: Neck of femur
• Blend w/ iliofemoral


Ischiofemoral ligament

• Triangular
• Posterior capsule
• Origin: Posterior body ischium, inferior acetabulum
• Direction superior lateral in spiral course
• Attach: posterosuperior part neck of femur below greater trochanter
• Below this ligament the capsule of hip is thin


Ligament capitus femoris

• 4 cm long
• Between head femur & acetabulum
• Intracapsular
• Enclosed by tub- like extension of synovial membrane
• Proximal (3 bands) - 2 lateral bands: fixed to margins acetabular notch and 1 medial band blends transverse acetabular ligament
• Distal:Fovea capitus on femur


Synovial membrane of hip joint

- Synovial Membrane = inner surface of articular capsule
- Acetabulum corsses over transverse acetabular ligament to acetabular fossa
- Tubal reflexion around ligamentum capitus femoris


Nerves to hip joint

o Femoral
o Obturator
o Accessory obturator
o Inferior gluteal nerves


Blood vessels to hip joint

o Medial/lateral femoral circumflex
o Superior/inferior gluteal
o Obterator
o 1st perforating


Sacroiliac joint

• Synovial joint
• Auricular sacrum & ilium at 1st 3 sacral vertebrae
• Lined by cartilage
• Narrow joint cavity surrounded by articular capsule


Ligaments of sacroiliac joint

- Anterior sacroiliac ligament
- Posterior sacroiliac ligament
- Interosseous ligament


Anterior sacroiliac ligament

Ventrolateral surface sacrum to margins of auricular suface of ilium


Posterior sacroiliac ligament

• Strong
• 2 sets fibers: deep/short fibers and superficial/long fibers


Deep/short fibers of posterior sacroiliac ligament

- Origin: tuberosity of ilium & PIIS
- Passes inferomedially
- Attach: posterolateral sacrum


Superficial/long fibers of posterior sacroiliac ligament

- Oblique
- Origin: PSIS
- Attach: 3rd tubercle of sacrum
- Blends sacrotuberous ligament


Interosseous ligament of sacroiliac joint

• Strong fibers unite 2 articular bones
• Blend posterior sacroiliac ligament
• Suspend sacrum between 2 iliac bones