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Subcutaneous fascia

o Covers entire thigh
o Continuous with subcutaneous fascia of the entire anterior abdominal wall, gluteal region and leg
o Divided into 2 layers: Superficial (fatty) and deep (membranous)


Deep (membranous) subcutaneous fascia of the thigh

• Attached to fascia lata just distal to the inguinal ligament and along the upper and medial areas of the thigh
• Also attached to saphenous opening (ovalis) and fills the opening with tissue called the fascia cribrosa
• A large bursa is found in the subcutaneous fascia over the patella


Fascia lata

o External layer of investing fascia of the thigh
o Thick laterally, thin medially


3 medial attachment sites for fascia lata

Remember: fascia lata is THIN medially
- Ischial tuberosity
- Ischiopubic ramus
- External perineal fascia


Fascia lata is continuous with

- Thoracolumbar fascia (proximally
- External abdominal fascia (proximally)
- Investing fascia of the leg (distally)


3 anterior attachment sites for fascia lata

- Pubic tubercle
- Inguinal ligament


Fascia lata over femoral vessels

- The fascia lata is thickened and has an opening - the saphenous opening (“fossa ovalis”)
- This serves as passage way for the great saphenous vein
- Falciform margin is the free lateral margin of the saphenous opening
- Lateral portion is very thick and buttressed by fibers of tendons (gluteus maximus and tensor fascia latae)


2 superior attachment sites of fascia lata

- Crest of ilium
- Dorsal sacrum


IT band

- Iliotibial band is a thickened tendon within the fascia lata
- Located on lateral surface of the thigh


Tensor fascia latae muscle

Found between the two layers of the fascia lata laterally


Posterior fascia lata

- Formed by fusion of two layers of gluteal fascia
- Lateral and medial intermuscular septa
- Connects under surface of fascia lata with linea aspera
- Divides thigh into 3 myofascial compartments