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What do waves do?

Waves transfer energy and information from one point to another through vibrations


What is the word and symbol equation for wavespeed?

Wavespeed=Frequency X Wavelength

V= Fx(lamda)


What is a transverse wave?

A wave in which the vibrations are perpendicular to the direction in which the wave travels


What is a progressive

A disturbance moving from a source to surrounding places as a result of which energy is transferred from one point to another.


Give 3 examples of transverse waves

1. Water waves
2. Secondary earthquake waves
3. All 7 regions of the EM spectrum


What is a longitudinal wave?

A wave which the vibrations are parallel to the direction in which the wave travels.


Give 3 examples of longitudinal waves

1. Sound waves
2. Ultrasound waves
3. Primary Earthquake waves


Give 3 applications of echoes

1. Measuring the depth of water from a ship
2. Measuring to presence of fish beneath a fishing ship
3. Measuring the speed of a driver using a speed gun.


What is sound produced by?



What does sound need to pass through?

A medium


What is the range of frequencies that can be heard by a human ear?



What is a sound with a frequency of above 20,000Hz called?



Give two uses of ultrasound

Can be used to measure the foetal head diameter
Ultrasound can be used in industry to detect defects in metal


What is the electromagnetic spectrum?

The electromagnetic waves are grouped into types that have similar wavelengths and so have similar properties.


What are the properties of a mechanical wave?

Produced by a disturbance in a material medium
Made up of matter


What are the properties EM (Electromagetic Wave)?

Made up for transverse waves
Made up of electric and magnetic fields
A wave produced by a disturbance in the form of a varying electric and magnetic field.


What speed does EM waves travel at?

300,000,000 M/s


What are the similarities of EM Waves?

They can all travel in a vacuum
They are all transverse waves
They all travel at the speed of light (300,000,000 M/s) in a vacuum


What are the seven uses of Em waves

Radio waves-Bluetooth and radios in cars
Microwaves-Heating food and mobile phones
IR(infrared)-Sensors on cars for reversing
Visible light- Seeing things
UV-Detecting forged bank notes
X-ray- Detecting broken bones and fractures
Gamma- Used in medical imagine such as pet scans


What are the five dangers of Electromagnetic (Em) radiation?

Microwave cause internal heating of body tissues
Infrared radiation is felt as heat and causes skin burns
Certain wavelengths of ultraviolet can damage skin cells and leas to cancer
Intense visible light can damage eyes
X rays and gamma rays damage cells, which may lead to cancer


What are the four characteristics of the image formed by a plane mirror?

Same size
Same distance behind the mirror as the object is in front of the mirror
The image is virtual-(can not be projected by on to a screen)
The image is laterally inverted


What is refraction?

The bending of light


What are the two requirements for refractions

Must pass from one medium to another
Angle of incidence must be greater than 0 degrees


What is Amplitude

The greatest displacement of the wave from its undisturbed positions. Unit-Metres


What is wavelength

The distance between two consecutive crests or troughs. Unit-Metres