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#2, Followed Spearman - 7 mental abilities: verbal comp, fluency, # fluency, spatial, associative memory, perceptual speed, reasoning.


Cattell v. CHC

2 g-factor subtypes: fluid, crystal.

CHC: most emp valid; 10 broad, 70 narrow;



"Garden variety" 8: ling, logic-math, spatial, musical, bod-kines, interpres, intra, naturalistic.



Triarchic Theory
Process over product.
Internal (analytical), adaptive (creative), practical (apply past kwg).


Rorschach dimensions

Content (category like science, etc), Location (on inkblot), Form quality (correlation w ink), developmental quality (degree of integration with other responses); R-PAS approach.


Fiedler CT

Contigency theory: effectiveness of leader depends on the situation. Fiedler: LPC; Contextual variables, including group atmosphere, task structure, and leader's power position. "leadership style" and "situational favorableness" (later called "situational control").


Vroom and Yetton Normative Decision Model

best style of leadership is contingent to the situation; five different styles (ranging from autocratic to consultative to group-based decisions) on the situation and level of involvement.


Hersey and Blanchard Situational Leadership Theory

Maturity and competence of the group focused on:
S-1 Telling - incompetent/unwilling
S-2 Selling - unwilling
S-3 Participating - competent, but doubtful
S-4 Delegating - ready, willing, able


House Goal-Path theory

Removing barriers to success; specifying a leader's style or behavior that best fits the employee and work environment in order to achieve a goal (House, Mitchell, 1974). The goal is to increase your employees' motivation, empowerment, and satisfaction so they become productive members of the organization.


Incremental Validity

3 factors: 1) the base rate, or the percentage of correct hiring decisions made when the test is not used; 2) the test's validity coefficient; and 3) the selection ratio