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Attribution theories: Heider, Kelley, Weiner
...Depressive realism

H - 1958; OG of attribution theory; disposition v situation //// K - consistency (x-time), distinctiveness (v. norm act), consensus (what would others do). /////// W - 1974: stability v instability of influential factors (what can change given time, energy, etc.)
/// depressed ppl are more accurate! No "illusion of control"


Viewed ppl as...
Rep Grid Teq.?

scientists. /// Personal Construct Theory: expectations shape our views and are based on past exper.; we revise; 11 corollaries; Repetoiry Grid Technique (IO) for mapping ct's model of world (constructs).


Attitudes: 3 parts; Correlation and supporting study

Cog, aff, beh; weak corr btw them (.15; LaPiere and situational constraint)


Consistency Theories x4

Balance (1946; let's be friends) ///// Symmetry (1961; intesity on balance) /// Congruity (1955; pick which is stronger/allegiance) ///// and Dissonance (1957; Festinger, attitudes shift to match actions, $1 v $20)


Cog Dissonance - 4 subconcepts

Postdecisional dissonance - I like what I chose.
Effort Justification - this chachkie was worth the effort.
Insufficient Justification - running is rewarding
Insufficient Deterrence - that hw was too hard.


Self-Perception Theory - who? Competes w? Overjustification?

Bem bem! Unlike consistency theories, observe own behs. Most applicable when curr beh = past beh (v dissonance btw curr and past)
////Overjustification hypothesis = intrinsic v extrinsic.



Self-verification of self-concept (see, I am bad.)
/// Beh confirmation (weak theory) = i act as others think i would //// Self-enhancement T = I wanna look good.


Message chars - when to speak?

First if going to be long time (primacy effect); Last if only a few days (recency effect).


Prejudice and Discrim - 3 parts; Sherif?

Cog, Aff, Beh - Robber's Cave superordinate goals


Emotion - Lange, Bard, Schacter

Lange - not so good; no diff detected btw fear/excited
/// Bard - same time; animal surg studies differ;
/// Schacter 2-factor: internal v ext; epinephrine study.


Interpersonal Behs - Sherif and Asch

Autokinetic effect - moving point in darkened room w group fb; Asch - line length changed.


Interpersonal Behs - Sherif and Asch

Autokinetic effect - moving point in darkened room w group fb; Asch - line length changed.


Diversity - emic v etic

Etic - universal (like ET)
/// Emic - culture specific perspective / multicultrl.


Immigration and acculturation - peak

highest rates of psychiatric probs at 1 and 3 year marks.


Enculturation & bicultural stage of development

learning one's own culture; bicultural is final stage of most models.


Berry's acculturation - 2 factors, 4 strategies

cultural maintenance - valuing/preserving identity
contact & participation - interaction with dom culture

1.assimilation (lost) 2. separation (pure) 3. integration (both)
4. marginalization :( (neither)


Culture and psychotherapy - encapsulation, competence

T judges C according to the encapsulated T's self-reference criteria.


LGBT ID dev - 4 stages

1. sensitization (pre-pub; feel different). 2. ID confusion (17-18, feelings grow, but excluded) 3. ID assumption (19-22; incr contact w LGBT): capitulation, minstraliztion (typical LGBT behs), passing, and group alignment (still harboring neg attds). 4. Commitment (22-23, integration, happier)


Communication - high v low context

high = nonverbals; low = explicit/verbalized.


Minority ID dev model (Atkinson, Morton & Sue) - 5
MID: Cultural dissonance resists introspection synergystically.

Conformity: pref dom cult;
Dissonance: apprc min cult;
Resistance (Immersion): id w minor group, race pride;
Introspection: reflect on attid and feelings;
Synergetic articulation/Integrative Aw.: apprec both.


BII (Black ID Dev) - Jackson, Cross
Pre-encounter -- I'm resistant to -- internal -- commitment.

Jackson - inf by racism and oppression (4 stages: passv-accpt, act-resist, redir, and internztn)

/// Cross - frame or reference (5 stages: pre-encounter, (conformity), encounter (dissonance-ish), immersion-emersion (resistance-ish), internalization (introspection-ish), and internalization-commitment (synergetic articltn)


Helm's white racial ID dev - 6:
Contact -- disintegrates -- REasons for superiority if -- feeling pseudo inferior -- when IM -- autonomous.

1. contact (no white priv) 2. disintegration (uncomfy) 3. reintegration (superiority) 4. pseudo-independence (alienation) 5. immersion/emersion (info seeking) 6. autonomy (ongoing thinking)


Minorities - workforce, tx

1/3 of new entrants are minority; asians use tx at low rate (shame/stigma?) and matching decr dropout.


Culture spec dx

hwa-byung ("suppressed anger syndrome" w palps, headache, dysphoria, and anx);


AA multisystems approach

Nancy Boyd-Franklin; enviro/cult context.