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stanza one

The dwarf with his hands on backwards
sat, slumped like a half-filled sack
on tiny twisted legs from which
sawdust might run,
out side the three tiers of churches built
in honour of St francis, brother
of the poor, talked with birds, over whom
he had the advantage
of not being dead yet


stanza two

A priest explained
how clever it was of Giotto
to make his frescoes tell stories
that would reveal to the illiterate the goodness
of God and the suffering of His Son. I understood
the explanation and
the cleverness


stanza three

A rush of tourists clucking contentedly,
fluttered after him as he scattered
the grain of the Word. It was they who had passed
the ruined temple outside, whose eyes
wept pus, whose back was higher
than his head, whose lopsided mouth
said grazie in a voice as sweet
as a child’s when she speaks to her mother
or a bird when it spoke
to St Francis