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Why is client and barber positioning important when shaving?

To ensure client comfort. Prevent fatigue. To ensure the correct result is achieved.


Why is the use of PPE important when shaving?

Reduces cross infection and protects the barbers clothes.


Why is personal hygiene important?

So you don't offend clients. To maintain a professional image.


Why is the use of a barbers chair important?

So you can adjust the height. Supports the clients head. Easily adjustable.


Why must manufacturers instructions be followed?

To ensure correct use of product/equipment. Get the best results.


What is contact dermatitis?

A skin condition which is usually dry and inflamed.


How can dermatitis be avoided?

Using PPE such as gloves to keep hands dry. Moisturise between services if possible.


Why must you follow the barber's instructions when assisting with a shave?

To make best use of time. Give an efficient and safe service


How can cross infection be reduced during shaving?

Using a sharps box for used blades. New blade for each client. PPE worn at all times.


Why are hot towels used prior to the shaving service?

To prepare the hair and skin. Opens the pores and softens the hairs.


Why are cold towels used after the shave?

To cool and soothe the skin and close the pores.


State the purpose of effleurage when using lathering products?

To spread and apply the product.


State the purpose of petrissage when using lathering products?

To stimulate and relax the skin. Cleanse and soften the beard and help raise the hairs.