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Name at least 3 admissions counselors (Grace doesn’t count).

AJ, Becky, Danielle, Denise, Detwarn, Eddie, Eryn, Eva, Lorenzo, Paola, Rosalie, Sarah


On what types of social media is the Admissions Office active?

Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram


If a student shows up and there is no room on the tour, what should you tell them?

1) There will be a waitlist that that can sign on to, and if there ends up being enough space they can jump in there. 2) If there ends up being no space, they can take a self-guided tour through guidebook, which has recordings from current Ambassadors.


For each of these words, give the preferred term:
1. Freshman
2. Dorm
3. New Hire
4. RA
5. Cafeteria
6. Arts and Sciences Building
7. Gym

1. First year
2. Residence Hall/RLC
3. Fall Hire/ Winter Hire (depending on when they were hired)
4. CF
5. Dining Hall
6. Vari Hall (Not Varsi, don’t be that person that sends a family to the wrong corner of campus)
7. Fitness and Recreation Center


Fact or Fiction: There is a 4 year waiting list to get married in the mission.

False, no waiting list, just some times are more popular than others.


Fact or Fiction: Our palm trees are donated from USC.



Fact or Fiction: There is 24/7 surveillance of the Bronco Statue.

True (cameras on it at all times).


Fact or Fiction: SCU received special compensation to use extra water even though we’re in a drought.

False, we use grey water.


Fact or Fiction: The Pathway program at SCU will be ending in the next 3 years.



Fact or Fiction: There is a pool in the Villas.



What is the history of our name?

In 1851 F. John Nobili, S.J., named the university “Santa Clara College”.

In 1912, the name changed to “The University of Santa Clara”.

In 1985, our name changed to Santa Clara University to avoid confusion with USC OR University of Santa Cruz