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T or F
Members are NEVER allowed to operate on the tracks unless assured that power is off

Only can ignore this rule is if life is in imminent peril and direct and immediate action is required to save life. Confirmation is done thru FD dispatch that power is off


For a fire in a subway were the best way to access the fire is via an emergency exit, but there are passengers who want to use these stairs to evacuate. Who gets preference?

Passengers get always will get preference to use these stairs


What is the proper order for a HT relay in the subway?

Chauffeur of the truck
Engine boss
Truck boss


What is the proper spacing/where are the members in a relay?

Truck chauffeur-bottom of subway entrance stairs or at the token booth if it is within 50yards of subway entrance
OVM-foot of stairs leading to platform if its within 50yards of the LCC
Roof-approx 50yards from stairs on the platform
Engine boss-approx 100yards line of sight from the roof on the platform
Truck boss- location of fire
*HT equipped member every 100yards in needed
**remember yards not meters


T or F
When establishing a relay you should always use the whole relay

False, only use the members needed to establish an effective relay


1-What is the proper way for a truck boss to talk to his roof man on the HT who is part of a relay?
2-Proper way for the roof to talk to the OVM when both are part of the relay?
3-Proper was for the LCC to talk to the chief when the LCC is part of a relay?

1-ladder 34 to ladder 34 roof relay...
2-ladder 34 roof relay to ladder 34 OVM relay....
3-ladder 34 chauffeur relay to command....


When using a handline on a fire in the subway what nozzle should be used and why?

FT-2 nozzle
1-broken stream
2-rubber tip
3-has effect of fog stream for ventilation


What is one of the best ways to reduce panic in the subways?

Increase lighting


What are the three ways to evacuate passengers from a train and put them in order from preferred to last resort.

1-have them walk thru the train to the station platform
2-if train doesn’t reach the platform evacuate them to another train
3-last resort is having them walk on the roadbed or sidewall


When the ties of an elevated train are on fire, what is the preferred method for extinguishment?
1-tower ladder
2-handlines from the street
3-handlines from the platform down the rail bed

2-handlines from the street


There is a fuel spill near the grating or entrance to a subway station. What are the ways to stop it from flowing in, and put them in order from most preferred to least.

Diking with sand or earth
Diking with planking
Charge several lengths of hose and encircle the spill, this should be followed by a layer of foam.


For catenary lines and for the 3rd rail, how many volts and what kind of current?

Catenary 11,000 volts AC
3rd rail 660 volts DC


When at a subway operation where the lookout sees a train coming, how should this person signal to the subway that there are people on the track ahead?

Use a flashlight and hold it chest high and moved in a wide horizontal motion of at least 4ft wide


At a blue light, what three things can you expect to find?

Power removal box
Dry chem fire extinguisher


When using the telephone that is located near the blue light in a subway, do you release the button on the handset to——?
A- end the call
B- allow the person on the other end to talk

A-releasing the button terminates the call


In a subway when the power removal box or telephone is out of service, a bag is placed over it. What color is the bag and what color is the lettering?

White bag, red lettering


For a subway, if one contact shoe is making contact with the 3rd rail, how many of the 4 contact shoes for that subway car will be energized?

All 4


When using a cutout in the subway system for a train to pass by, what maneuver should you use for your mask
1-low profile
2-reduced profile
3-cutouts are large enough where you just need to stand back

Reduced profile


How far apart are blue lights in the subway system?

Approx 600ft


In subway tunnels how far apart are gate valves with fire department threads.

Approx every 200ft


In the subway how are the “no clearance” areas marked? The emergency exits?

No clearance is marked by red and white diagonal stripes painted on the wall.
Emergency exits are marked by a prism shaped sign with white lettering on a red background with a 5 white light cluster (cluster is being phased out for fluorescent lighting)


At a subway entrance what does a red globe signify? Green globe?

Red globe= will be closed at some point of the 24hr day and there may or may not be a token booth clerk

Green= will be open 24hrs a day and there may be or may not be a token booth clerk


A high exit entry turnstile (HEET) is opened how?

1620 key


Subway platform track identification signs are identified how? And what info is on them?

They have a red background with white lettering
Info they have: name of station, track designation, distance and direction to nearest emergency exit(if no exit then next station is listed), normal train movement (NB or SB) and a “you are here” indicator


Match the following:
A-manhattan to Brooklyn
B-Brooklyn to manhattan

NB-manhattan to Brooklyn
SB-Brooklyn to manhattan


Which is not an intended purpose of the light train:
A-transport FF’s to a small fire readily extinguishable by 1 or 2 cans
B-investigate medium smoke conditions

B- investigate minor smoke conditions not medium


Who can authorize the use of a light train?
If a communications link can not be established can the light train still be used if members do not leave the train?

Only the CHIEF in charge can authorize the use of a light train

If a communications link cannot be established the train will NOT be used


Which of the following statements is false:
1- if members disembark the light train 1 member will be assigned to stay with the conductor to maintain communications
2-light train progress reports should be transmitted as soon as possible but at least every 15 min
3-light trains are not permitted to go past the next station without permission of the chief in charge.

All are true


When evacuating passengers from under river tubes, should they be going towards or away from a fan in exhaust mode?

Away from a fan in exhaust mode, you want fresh air being blown in the faces of the passengers.


When using a fog nozzle in the vicinity of catenary wires, use the reach of the stream. Keep A minimum distance of ___ft to catenary lines.



T or f
A hose stream should not be directed over the top of a train where catenary wires or a pantograph is located.



On subway platforms, standpipe outlets will be locked inside stainless steel cabinets. How do you open the cabinet?
A-1620 key
B-subway emergency exit key
C-breakaway the glass
D-key from toothbooth clerk

B-standard subway emergency exit key