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what genre of music is lauren laverne associated with?



what may laverne's relative youth and reputation be seen as deliberate attempt to do?

to court the relative controversy surrounding some use of bad language and content in some episodes of this show


what does the unrehearsed and unadorned dialogue with controversial issues suggest about the programme's audience?

they are educated, aware and prepared for controversial opinions, strong language and shocking or intimate issues explicitly discussed


how many regular listeners does woman's hour have?

3.5 million


what did the spectator describe the initial response to the show as a?

"twitter storm"


what is the effect of the controversial nature of some of the shows episodes?

that it encourages strong responses and polarises audience opinion.


why could LNWH be considered as too 'niche' for commercial radio?

the broadcast has only female contributors
made up predominantly of unadorned dialogue (lack of music, sound effects)


what is LNWH'S target audience?

highly educated, middle class middle aged women


How do media organisations reflects the different needs of mass and specialised audiences through targeting?

the psb nature of broadcast means that the BBC attempts to produce content for all audience demographics


what words are used that suggests the audience is well-educated/expected to be?



What suggests that the audience may actually be younger and more in touch with digital culture?

social media is referred when laverne talks about the meaning of higgle has changed from togetherness to sharing aesthetically pleasing images online


why is lnwh's popular with its audience?

gender bias giving representation to women


Why is the 11pm slot limiting audiences not a problem?

The broadcast is available on catch up services because it is on DAB radio
It can also be downloaded as a podcast and listened to without internet connection


How does the LNWH page on the BBC website engage the audience? Name 3

Stereotypically feminine colours such as pinks and blues is appealing to older and more traditional women
Variety of titles = choice
Access to new and previous broadcasts