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How does LNWH challenge the idea that media is controlled by a small number of companies driven by the logic of profit and power?

BBC, despite being a large and significant company, is funded by a license fee which frees BBC producers from the pressure to generate profit.


What idea of Curran and Seaton's could LNWH support?

The idea that socially diverse patterns of ownership help create conditions for varied and adventurous productions.
-lnwh has an all female panel and tends to choose women from a diverse range of ethnic backgrounds.


What could be an oppositional reading of the show?

That the show is in-fact anti-feministic due to its lack of male representation that steers away from the feministic approach of equality for all.


What could be a preferred reading of the show?

That the audience consider how often this female dominance is reversed and the ways it is often likely that males will dominate a media text.


How can Gauntlett’s identity theory be linked to LNWH?

The entirety female panel of educated older women gives the target audience (of similar demographics) someone to identify with


How does the gender bias link to bell hooks' feminist theory?

Feminism is a political struggle to end patriarchal domination such as gender, LNWH challenges patriarchy by not representing men


How does the website support Jenkins fandom theory?

There is a news section on the lnwh page, including news about Laverne etc.
This gives audiences of the monthly broadcast a supplementary/additional experience