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Roles of a practice based pharmacist

• Reviewing medicines in high risk patients
– Polypharmacy / high risk medicines
– Frail, elderly
– Hepatic or renal disease
• Helping to achieve seamless care for the patient
– On discharge liaise with secondary care and
community pharmacy
– Care homes / domiciliary visits
– Following up on MURs undertaken by community
• Running clinics (and/or supporting practice
– IPs e.g. hypertension, diabetes, COPD, minor
• Reviewing practice prescribing data
• Audit
• Process issues
• Supporting campaigns


Data management

• ePACT (Electronic Prescribing Analysis & CosT) data
• QOF (Quality and Outcomes Framework)
• Other data e.g. prescribing incentive schemes



• Main source of information on GP prescribing
• Derived from prescriptions dispensed by community pharmacists, dispensing GPs and appliance contractors
• Uses in practice
– Identify areas to audit
– Act on MHRA drug alerts / withdrawals
– Monitor adherence to formularies / guidance


Prescribing measures

• Cost measures
– Net ingredient cost (NIC)
– Actual cost
• Volume measures
– Defined daily doses (DDD) – the assumed average
maintenance dose per day for a drug used for its
main indication in adults
– Average daily quantities (ADQ) – based on
prescribing in England