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What are the differences between the output power and the 2D Gain control?

- Higher output power gives stronger echoes, giving greater penetration depth.
- Adjusting the Output Power has no effect on the electronic noise.
- Higher 2D gain gives greater amplification, giving greater penetration depth.
- Increasing the 2D gain increases the electronic noise.


How does turning the harmonics on affect the image?

- With HRes on the penetration is worse, but reverberation artefacts are reduced, boundaries of cysts are more clearly defined, and the interiors are darker.


What is SonoCT?

Spatial compounding using three or five lines of sight, and averages them.
+ Speckle is finer, interfaces are clear, contrast resolution is improved
- Temporal resolution is worse.


What is XRes?

- Real-time adaptive image processing algorithm
- Smoothing applied in uniform regions and along interfaces.
- Edge enhancement applied across interfaces.


What is persistence?

- Weighted averaging of between 3 to 9 frames.
- Suppresses electronic noise.
- Should be off or low for cardiac imaging.