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What is membrane potential?

Voltage difference across a membrane


What is equilibrium potential?

In a single ion system, the voltage at which there is no net flow of that species of ion across the membrane


What is reversal potential?

- Nernst potential
- The voltage at which there is no net flow of ions (of all species) across the membrane (if there is just one ion it's same as equil. potential)
- Can be calculated using Nernst equation
- If one ion Chanel type dominates (high permeability) membrane potential tends towards reversal potential for that ion


How do electrical signals transmit information?

By travelling along the dendrites and axons of neurones


Describe the two forms of electrical signals

- Action potentials, brief depolarisations generated by voltage-gated Na and K channels. They propagate actively through the neurone and do not decrement in size
- Graded responses, passively propagating, decrementing changes in membrane potential


What follows an action potential?

Refractory period - membrane is inexcitable because Na+ channels are closed & inactivated and K+ channels are open. Limits maximum firing rates