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What are the two main legal restrictions for construction?

Building Codes & Zoning Ordinances


Which of the following building type is subject to Federal Regulations rather than local laws?

A) hospital
B) library
C) post office
D) fire station

C) post office


Name two regulations a building may need to abide by in addition to the building code and zoning.

Fire Safety, Electric, Energy, ADA, Health Codes, Historic Preservation, Insurance, Covenants, & Review Boards are all examples of additional regulations that may be applicable.


True or False: The Americans with Disabilities Act contains design provisions.

False: ADA is a federal civil rights law that is applied to the built environment through ANSI A117 design provisions.


True or False: When working within New York State, you must abide by the NYS code.

False: Certain counties and municipalities may have amended local regulations, and other areas may use the IBC.


Which was the first example of a "Building Code"?

A) Rome's 12 Tables
B) Hammurabi's Code
C) New Amsterdam Fire Code
D) England's Assize of Buildings

Each of those is an early form of building code, largely pertaining to fire safety. The earliest, however, is B) Hammurabi's Code in 2000 BC.


Why are model codes typically adopted across the US but amended by local jurisdictions?

The model code provides consistency for architects working across state lines and makes it easier for local jurisdictions to have a code; it is frequently amended, however, as it does not have any specific geographical references.


True or False: Testing & material standards are legally enforceable because they are written by the IBC.

False: They are written by trade associations, but legally enforceable when referenced in a code.


Name 3 examples of standards writing organizations.

ASTM (test procedures), NFPA (fire prevention, and any of the following trade specific organizations - ASHRAE (heating/refrigeration), GA (gypsum), ACI (concrete), etc.


What is UL?

Underwriters Laboratory - tests product safety, such as light fixtures, door fire ratings, construction assembly fire ratings


What is a legal constraint on land development?

The Zoning Ordinance


Choose 4 of the following that Zoning regulates:

A) what a parcel of land may be used for
B) lot coverage
C) occupancy
D) egress
E) parking and loading
F) setbacks

A, B, E, F


Name 2 items that zoning regulates in rural areas

agriculture, forestry, historic preservation, airports, and flood plains are all governed by zoning in rural areas


What permits the right to use private land for a public use?



For areas lacking a public road, you might be able to traverse a property using an _____________.

access easement


What is a right of way?

the legal right of one party to traverse the land of another


Which of the following restricts property use, but not by the local jurisdiction?

A) setbacks
B) use group districts
C) deed covenants

C) deed covenants restrict property use by the buyer