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What is a breechblock

A component that seals the breech and blocks gases from the fired cartridge. (Bolts in rifles, slides in pistols)


What is a disconnector

A device incorporated into the action of a weapon which prevents the firing of more than one shot for one pull of the trigger, or which prevents the weapon from being fired until the action is fully closed (in battery)


What is an ejector

A cam or projection inside the receiver against which the cartridge case strikes and is thrown clear of the mechanism after it has been drawn from the chamber by the extractor


What is an extractor

A component that engages the rim, or extractor groove of the cartridge case while the cartridge is in the chamber. After firing the extractor withdraws the case from the chamber when the action opens


What is a flash suppressor

A three or four pronged device attached to the muzzle of a weapon designed to cool the hot gasses as it leaves the muzzle behind the round, cooling the gases