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What are the 4 firearm safety rules?

Treat all firearms as if they are loaded
always maintain proper muzzle control
keep finger of the trigger until on target and ready to shoot
know your target and what is beyond it


What is the purpose of the push-pull method?

To insure the chamber is clear and contains no brass


What is the minimum amount of times you should check your firearm with the push-pull method?

and minimum of two times


What must be worn when shooting a firearm?

Hearing & eye protection


What is Uncontrolled fire (Runaway gun)?

When the weapon continues to fire after the trigger has been released


What are the 3 steps in stoping a "runway gun"?

1. Gunner holds the weapon on target and fires remaining ammunition
2. loader breaks off the belt of the remaining ammunition
3. As a last resort, the gunner pulls the charging handle to the rear.


What is a misfire?

the complete failure of a chambered round to fire


What is hangfire?

a delay beyond the normal ignition time in the functioning of an ammunition item


What is a cook-off?

When a round is fired by the heat of a very hot barrel


How can a cook-off be prevented?

Applying immediate action within 10 secs after a failure to fire


What does NIIN stand for?

National Item Identification Number


What does NALC stand for?

Navy Ammunition Logistics Code


What Does N.E.W stand for?

Net Explosive Weight