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State the purpose of a Business Case Analysis (BCA).

Structured method to support decision making process from creation of alternative to implementation. (Who,what,where,why,when)


Explain the purpose of the executive summary of a BCA.

Summarize key highlights of the business case. State what the project is about,the role of the project in plan/direction as well as justification and how it will benefit the government.


Describe how strategic alignment is important in a BCA

shows how initiative aligns with business plan of the navy and its impact on other initiatives. Given high, medium, or low impact level in regards to achieving goals.


Explain what analysis of alternatives does.

Gives the realm of possibilities available to address issue as well as why some some alternatives have been eliminated plus results from a do nothing approach.


Discuss risk assessment in decision making of a BCA.

Risks are factors that can prevent the decision from achieving its benefits or result in high costs. it estimates risk on possible outcomes and includes strategy to mitigate risk.


Explain how cost benefit impacts a BCA.

compares initial and ongoing cost to expected finacial costs for each alternative.


Explain the final stages of a BCA:

Conclusions and reccomendations, implementation strategy, review and approval


conclusions and recommendations

shows selected alternative based on evaluation of risks, impact, costs and benefits while recommending to move project forward


implementation strategy

to ensure approval committee understands the resources required to complete the change. responsibilities, costs, target completion dates.


review and approval

States how the business case was resolved and the final outcome evidence of approval or dissaproval.