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At what age is hand-eye coordination generally good enough to bruhs without assistance? What is good indicator?

6-7 years
Is hand writing neat


How can cognitive development be split?

pre-operational thoughts - ego-centric - think of themselves
Concrete operations
Formal operations


How old do children have pre-operational thoughts. What is this?

2-7 years
can't encompass another point of view


How old do children have concrete operations. What is this?

7-11 years
Start to apply logical meaning


How old do children have formal operations. What is this?

Different possibilites considered


How can Childs behaviour be characterised?


2. Potentially co-operative

3. Lacking co-operative ability


What are the arguments for having parent in surgery?

Medical history is essential
Positive but silent helper
Outline their role in the planning stage
Supply necessary support and reassurances to a young child
Reinforce Oral hygiene and dietary advice at home
Issues of consent
Can help determine suspicion of child abuse ( Safeguarding responsibilities of the dentist)


Arguments against having parent in surgery?

For older children presence appears not to have a clear effect on child but is important to the adult
Parents can negatively reinforce anxieties
Parents can introduce terminology that the dentist is keen to avoid
Selective Exclusion of the Parent (SEP) can be employed when inappropriate behaviour is exhibited by the child and the parent is asked to leave the surgery. Ideally the parent should be able to hear but be out of sight of the child. When appropriate behaviour is achieved the parent can be asked to return.
Some studies suggest childs behaviour is unaffected by parental presence or absence


What is classical conditioning?

make the physical and social environment DIFFERENT to situations in which the child is likely to have felt scared, threatened, disregarded and SIMILAR to situations in which the child is likely to have felt safe, in control and listened to.


What is operant conditioning?

reward the behaviour that you want to see (or moves towards this behaviour). Remember reinforcement can be positive or negative.


How can acclimatisation help behaviour management?

Get used to the surroundings, don't feel overwhelmed


How should you go about doing anything in a Childs mouth?

Tell, show, do


How can you ensure a Childs co-operation continues during treatment?

Distraction - talking, spot the difference


What are the 3 stages of desensitisation?

Training the patient to relax
Building a hierarchy of fearful scenarios
Gradually introduce the fearful stimli


IF behavioural therapy does not work, what should be used?



How can oral sedation be achieved?

Diazepam, midazolam


HOW can inhalation sedation be achieved?

Nitrous oxide