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List 5 differences between treating a child vs adult?

Child is growing - has developing dentition
Primary teeth vs permanent teeth
Behaviour management - children are anxious and inexperienced at dentists
When treating a child you need to develop good habits and attitudes to treatments and OH
There is a 3rd party at the examination (the parent) that needs to be involved


History of presenting compliant can often be unreliable in children. Because of this you should focus on 2 things when taking HPC. What are they?

When the pain occurs
Does the pain effect sleep


What additional part of the medical history is required when working with a paediatric patient?

Look into pregnancy and any problems around that


List 5 things you should ask about during Childs dental history?

Past attendance pattern
Current GDP
Previous experience (Incl LA/GA)
Attitudes to treatment - cooperation and motivation
Home care - oral hygiene, diet (brief))


What should be asked during social history?

Who they live with
Who has parental responsibility
At School? - year? age?
Teenage? - smoke? drink?
Social care involvement


Describe parental responsibility of birth mother and father?

Birth mother = automatic
Birth father = only if married at birth or afterwards or if on birth certificate


How can other adults such as ineligible father, adopters, local authorities, gain parental responsibility?

Parental responsibility agreement with mother
Parental responsibility order from court
Residence order from court
Become Childs guardian


How can the examination differ for children?

May need to be brief, may be limited (miss EO)
Knee to knee exam = on mothers lap head on dentists lap
Care with charting (mike dentition)
Is wear (physiological or pathological)
Orthodontic considerations