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When was the berlin blockade



Why did Stalin set up the Berlin blockade

To cut western Germany from Berlin so Russia could have Berlin for themselves


What's GDR

German Democratic Republic


What's FDR

Federal Republic of Germany


When was the formation of NATO



What is NATO

Alliance between USA and many countries in Western Europe, it stands for North Atlantic Treaty Organisation and if any NATO gets attacked all the other countries will help


When was the formation of the Warsaw Pact



What is the Warsaw Pact

USSR responding to NATO, a military alliance between Eastern European countries


When was the arms race



What's the arm race

This was a metaphoric race between USSR and usa to get the best nuclear weapons possible


Why was the arms race important

It prevented a war in Europe


What was Hungary like under Stalins control

Hungarian coal oil and wheat were shipped to Russia while Hungarian citizens were deprived of food
Non communist parties were abolished
Russian officials controlled the government, police and army
Cominform began a reign of terror, executing popular political leaders and their supporters
Rakosi was appointed as hungarys dictator


Who was Matyas Rakosi

Hungarys dictator from 1949-1956
He thought he was Stalins best pupil
He was nicknamed the bald butcher because he sliced through problems and opposition
He imprisoned 387000 and killed 2000 people


What was de-Stalinism

A protest against Stalin and how he had wrong views and how he is very oppressive and responsible for around 20million deaths. Khrushchev came up with the idea in his secret speech and Khrushchev wanted a more liberal way of living


Who was Imre Nagy

He replaced Rakosi as prime minister of Hungary in 1953-55 but was then thrown out of the communist party because he opposed to Rakosi


Name three things nagys reform did

Bad harvests and fuel and bread shitsges lead to riots in Budapest on 23 October 1956 and students rebelled as well as some workers and the army
UN began to recognise them as a neutral country so the UN protected them
USA persuaded Eastern European countries to become communist


What was Khrushchevs response to Nagy

He thought they were unacceptable and Hungary shouldn't leave the Warsaw Pact because they might influence other countries
Khrushchev sent 200,000 soviet troops and 1000 tanks into Hungary and thought nagys government in Budapest


Who was in bizonia

Britain and USA


When was Nagy hung

June 1958


Why was Nagy executed

He was accused of treason by soviet troops and was found guilty


What did USA do after nagys arrest

Offered food and medical aid worth $20 million to Hungary and allowed 80,000 Hungarian refugees to move to the USA


What did kadar want to do with Hungary

Re establish communist control
Stop attacks on soviet forces
Remain in the Warsaw Pact
Negotiate the withdrawal of soviet troops once the crisis was over