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Define and find examples of qualitative analysis

Analysis not involving numerical data example how marriage has changed only use words


What is the goal of qualitative data analysis?

To find patterns


Explain grounded theory math it and it's research steps

Systematic qualitative research emphasis in Theory from data.
Ground from FACTS a BASE.
Use data
Step one observe

step four theory


Define and find examples of concept mapping

Graphically representing concepts in the data also how concepts are linked diagrams example housesitting and economic cycle has to have intrinsic example education and opened minded relationship


What are the coding units in qualitative data analysis

Boil data down into concepts or themes concepts or themes are the units


Why does qualitative data analysis pose more ethical concern is that a quantitative data analysis

Because subjective in nature example everyone interprets marriage qualities differently


Unbiased analysis and reporting is as much and ethical concern in qualitative as in quantitative analysis



What is quantification or reduction of data

Use coding process of


What is quantitative analysis

Analysis you numerical data use numbers


Why is univariate data helpful what is its purpose

Analyze one variable at a time not relationship between two descriptive rather than explanatory summarize the data


Should coding be use for intrinsically numerical data like age and income

Re-code into groups if comparing ages into millennial's compared to Jen X


What is code book?

Contains all codes used identifiers to those variables and coats assigned to attributes of those variables


What are the ways to summarize data in univariate analysis

Frequency distribution number of cases and percent falling into different categories.

Averages is mean median mode

Dispersion house sprayed out of the data and how far from the mean [standard deviation} most common more predictability narrower better widespread less accurate


are mean median mode

Mean is adding all together then divide by the number

Median is the middle number

Mode is the most number occurred the number that has occurred the most


What are the common measures of dispersion

Range, standard deviation, (and standard error for surveys)


Define and find examples of sub group comparison

Describe similarities and differences among subgroup for variable can compare multiple subgroups or more than one variable sign you Teini asleep focus see group differences no statistical analysis ( hybrid/crossover not pure)



Primary purpose of bivariate analysis

Focuses on relationships between two variables t-test chi-square some X/Y


What is the primary purpose of multi variant analysis

Primary purpose is to analyze sign you Teini us three or more variables that are qualitative


What is the elaboration model why is it useful

Contingency table to tell story multi variant analysis three variables to analyze and examine relationship between X and Y using TV control for FX of third variable holding T constant


Variables in elaboration model

XY and TT identify different group religion race age it can be written as XTY or TXY2 sequences TXY is the one the professor uses most


And logic elaboration model is similar to which statistical methods

Partial regression have to use computer though elaboration more simple


Under what condition can we claim a previously observed causal relationship is false

Previously observed relationship between X and Y disappears that means it is false


How long should typical oral presentations be a scholarly meetings

15 to 20 minutes


To avoid plagiarism what should you do and not do

Credit original source of information never pretend someone else's ideas are your own


When writing social research which factors are important

Audience equals interests of general public in which case the language is less technical

Form and length of report equals journals professional meeting presentation

Name of the report equals research can be descriptive exploratory or explanatory some can be evaluated and has policy implications


And evaluating the quality of Internet information which factors are important

Authors of the work how it references prior research whether or not the data are from official sources like the government or authority


In evaluating a research report which factors are important?

Theoretical orientation
Research design
Data collection method
How variables are measured & concepts


How do you read a research report?

Read abstract then skim through review the conclusion that gives an overall feel of the research is interesting then read the stuff in between


Identify the five steps in a typical research report

One purpose and overview this part provides the reader a clear picture of what the objective of the research is and how it will be carried out

Two review of the literature it provides an overview of previous research on the topic of interest avoiding plagiarism when incorporating other scholars research it is important to credit the original source of information

Three study design and execution this part describes the mythological strategy employed to collect data

For analysis and interpretation this is the section where the research you report the results of the data analysis

Five summary and conclusions this part discuss both the specifics of the research conducted and the broader implications of the findings


What is the use of the abstract

read if you find the article has something to do with your interest specifies the exact focus of the article


Define and identify uses of descriptive stats

Describe or summarize data summarize data understudy some descriptive stats summarize data describe data univariate inference is all about descriptive stats
Descriptive stats summarize relationship between variables


Describe and examine of measures of association

Correlations 3 types:
Pearson R (interval, or ratio)
Nominal (lambda)
Ordinal (gamma)


Pearson's product moment correlation R and use

Perfect imperfect negative or positive.
For significant correlation number usually needs to be bigger correlation coefficient better or stronger.

Negative correlation is win absences go up grades go down

Positive example is when the amount of vitamins goes up health goes up

Perfect example is up whatever one up on our one up one over one shoe and height

Imperfect as most of the time

*Interval and Ratio data ONLY*


How do you determine value of dependent variable in regression analysis

The D pendant value in a function of independent


What are uses of regression analysis and what are the equations

y=a + bx linear regression


What are the differences between T test and nova and chi-squared

T-test =Only 2, x= interval/ratio y= nominal/ordinal

Anova= 3 or more (groups, extension of 3 categories), x=interval/ratio y= nominal/ordinal

Chi squared = 2-10, x= nominal/ordinal y= nominal/ordinal


Identify the primary uses and types of inferential statistics

Infer or come to conclusion based on what we know USE sample data to project population characteristics. DO test of significant chi-square t-test or anova


What is statistical significance

If you do calculation to find some sort of relationship take sampling error size and magnitude of relationship into account before saying it is a significant relationship


How to interpret significance level

Two levels. 05 is the most common 95% sure after errors calculated
.01 desirable 99% sure


How to calculate degrees of freedom in chi-square

(C-1) (r-1)

columns -1 times Rows -1


What are geographic information systems

Multi Variate use geographic map plug data and find where crime rate is highest for example a lot of dots in west valley Utah or you can find a cancerous area where there will be lots of dots in Vernal


Uses of regression equation?

Will help you predict value of independent. Bivariate or multivariate NOT univariate.


Typical Linear Regression Equation:

IQ (dependent) predicts (GPA) Independent.

So dependent predicts GPA


When evaluating the sampling methodology of a research report, which factors are important?

Population, sample size, sampling method.