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Global challenges to food security

Human population growth

Increasing urbanization

Climate change

Increase in demand for animal proteins

Buy a few production

Landscape degradation and soil erosion


Soil =

Soil =

SPM soil parent material
C Climate
R relief topographic setting
O organism flora fauna
T time
HI human impact


4 advantages to having native Australian shrubs around the farm

They produce feed stock
Reduce the production of methane
They come back gastrointestinal worms
The shrubs are fairly tall, Animals can get behind them when they’re cold


Soil = the functions of

SPM Soil Parent material
C Climate
R Relief
O Organisim
T Time
HI Human Interatcio


The critical zone - The Earth ecosystem is an interaction of several spheres

The biosphere - all the living plants and animals and bacteria.

The lithosphere -which are the inorganic components such as the rocks and sediments.

The atmosphere with the gasses and mainly rainwater together with the energy fluxes Such as temperature or solar radiation.

The hydrosphere - the water and lakes and streams and most important is groundwater in soils and sediment. The area where all spheres interact is defined as the critical zone or the zone that sustains life on earth.


The pedosphere

The soil zone is located in the center of the critical zone.
It is extremely thin compared to the dimensions of the earth and the atmosphere, which is only about 1 to 2 meters in thickness.


How much more water is used for agriculture than personal and municipal

10 times more for agriculture


The water balance

P precipitación
I irrigation
U upward capillary flow

E evaporation
T transpiration
R run off
D drainage to groundwater
Lateral groundwater flow


How much will food man grow by 2030 and 2050

2030 - food demand is predicted to increase by 50%

2059 - by 70%


No till cropping

Is not using tila to disrupt the soil and help keep moisture in soil


No till cropping

Is not using tila to disrupt the soil and help keep moisture in soil


How much world food calories come from plants

85% of the worlds human food calories come from plants


How has climate change affected we crops in Australia

It has stalled yield improvements since 1990


How much has animal, meat, diary and eggs increased in production in 50 years

It has doubled


Generation interval

The time it takes to cross parents in the current cycle to a superior breed and crossing them as new parents for the new cycle


Crop rating, how are the best feeling lines identified

Harvesting the plot one by one Wade and a day to record it