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Permaculture Principles

1. Observe and Interact
2. Catch and Store Energy
3. Obtain a yield
4. Apply Self-Regulation and Accept Feedback
5. Use and Value Renewable Resources and Services
6. Produce No Waste7. Design From Patterns to Details
8. Integrate Rather Than Segregate
9. Use Small and Slow Solutions
10. Use and Value Diversity
11. Use Edges and Value the Marginal
12. Creatively Use and Respond to Change


Five advantages to having native Australian shrubs around the farm

They produce feed stock Reduce the production of methane They come back gastrointestinal worms The shrubs are fairly tall. Animals can get behind them when they’re cold



help distribute bacteria and fungi through the soil and along roots by carrying live and dormant microbes on their surfaces and in their digestive systems


Best way to fight a fungus?

With another type of fungi


The prime directive a permit culture

The only ethical decision is to take responsibility for our own existence and that I’ve had children make it now


Life is cooperative rather than



Principle of cooperation

Cooperation, not competition, is the very basics of existing like systems and future survival


The ethical basis a permaculture

1. care for the earth provisions for all life system to continually multiply 2. Care of people provisions for people to access the resources necessary to their existence 3. Setting limits to population and consumption by governing our own needs we can set resources aside to further the above principles


Basic question that could be asked in to Ways is

What can I get from his Lando person? Or what is this person or land have to give if I cooperate with them


Why would there never be laws in the area biology

Living systems do not lend them selves district scientific definition for two reasons. First life is always in the process of change second life systems react to investigation or experiments experiments


What is a limnologist

A person that studies freshwater lakes and like organisms


Ways to find solutions 10

One improving tools Two collecting a large set of observations Three insight - the other response to observation 4. Trials give it a try and see what works 5. Guessing 6. Observing unique events 7. Accidents 8. Imitations 9. Patterning by seeing a pattern of events often very different natures 10. Common sense management


Applying laws and principles to design.

Life intervention principle In chaos lies unparalleled opportunity to impose creative order Law of return Whatever we take we must return


What does a permaculture designer ask about energy in their system/ design

How can I best use this energy before it passes through this system. Catch And store


5 design principles for permaculture

1 work with nature rather than against it 2 the problem is the solutions. How to use the problem to solve issues 3 make the list change for the greatest possible effect 4 the yield of a system is theoretically unlimited 5 everything garden seeing where and how everything can be part of the usted.


Best way to create a yield

The way to create a yield is to be conservative in resources


Why is energy like money

It’s easier saved than generated


5 resources are

Those that increase by modest use Those unaffected by use Those that disappear or degrade if not used Those reduced by use Those that pollute or destroy other resources if used 1/3 are commonly natural systems 4/5 urban and industrial development. A society that manages 1-4 and bans 5, regulates all uses to produce sustainable yields is resource management


Permaculture and local farms do what to centralized power

It’s food resource independence. It destroys centralized power


Principal of disorder

A system or organism can accept only a quantity of a resource that is can use productively. Any further input causes disorder. Chronic pollution.


Imparable yeilds

Health nutrition security satisfactory social context and lifestyle. What does it gain a man if he gains the whole world and looses his soul


What is the concern of base yield in permaculture?

That it is sustainable


How many functions should Should I designed to be able to get

Five functions


Definition of System yield

The sum total of surplus energy produced by stored conserved reused or converted by the design. energy is in surplus once the system it’s self has available all its needs for growth reproduction and maintenance


What does a true accounting of yield take into consideration

A true accounting of yield takes into consideration both upstream costs energy and downstream costs health. The product yield may create problems of pollution and soil mineral loss and cost more than It can replace


What would 4 things included in a set of ethics on natural systems

Implacable and uncompromising opposition to further disturbance in remaining forests where most species still in tack Vigorous rehabilitation-of degraded and damaged natural systems to stable states Establishment of plant systems for our own use on the least amount of land we can use for existence Establishment of plant and animal refuge for rare and threatened species


Basic patterns

The basic patterns are spirals, waves, streamlines, cloud-forms, lobes, branches, nets and scatter