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what is the intent?

- simply translated, betroffenheit means shock, bewilderment, or impact.
- the root of the word is treffen ‘to meet’ and betroffen ‘to be met’
- it is the expansive state of having been met, stopped, struck or perplexed in the face of a particular event … a space and time where language ceases
- a crisis management team is keeping your situation alive and present.
- whilst a trusted voice is urging you to come to terms with the past.
-'the show' and its captivating showtime supplying a steady distraction, escapism and pleasure in addiction.
- the show must go on, and everything is up for grabs in the fertile and palpable silence


what is the choreographic structure?

- binary structure (two highly contrasting parts)
- part 1: trapped inside the room/his mind
-part 2: road to recovery, escaped the room


explain how the dance element of space is used and how it breaks the boundaries of dance

the variety show
- only existed in the room
- at one point during 'the show' jonathon nearly steps over the line and jermaine's character jokingly asks him to step back as there is a barrier separating the room from the outside wold
- he is stuck in the re-experience of the variety show because of his addiction to substance
- use of space is limited, but symbolic
- the comedic way in which jermaine lets the audience know about the barrier implements a sense of dramatic irony as we can see what is happening but jonathon does not realise the detrimental and vicious cycle that he is in
- henceforth breaks the boundaries of dance


explain how the design element of costume is used and how it breaks the boundaries of dance

- during 'the show' the dancers are wearing the typical pink showgirl costumes. the costumes are flamboyant bright pink with diamantes and a feather headdress and pink feather fans
- the showtime is very tawdry and put on (artificial), the dancers facial expressions are over the top
- when showtime infiltrates the world of she show theres a sense of pleasure and a sense of relief. they are entertainers who are there to perform and create a distraction from the real world
- movement sections of unison and symmetrical formation in “the show” represent a desperate desire for a structure and normalcy in his life full of chaos
- both males and females are seen wearing the pink showgirl outfits. this breaks traditional gender roles and extends the boundaries of dance.


explain the significance of the cords

- we first encounter jonathon's character slumped in the dimly lit corner of a barren industrial rooms
- coils of thick electrical cables unwind and slither across the stage like menacing serpents
- searching for power and trying to plug into the system
- shows the transformation of his thoughts into something almost tangible'


explain the significance of the pole

- stays in the middle of the stage through the whole performance
- remains untouched
- represents stability
- incorporated with the use of light, could represent time and running out of time


explain how the design element of set is used and how it breaks the boundaries of dance

- barren industrial room creates a sense of safety where 'the showtime' exists.
- that all eventually withers away and crumbles but the pole remains
- the walls of the room change to create a new 'backstage' area. when this happens, unlike the first half of the show the audience, is able to see what happens behind closed doors. reveals the consequences of using elicit substances, that before were no shown.
- the pole remains in the centre of the stage despite other pieces of set disappearing or moving, remains untouched
- the pole is immovable and is symbolic of loss that cannot be taken away, despite 'the showtime'
- the pole when incorporated with lighting creates a sense of time. as the shadow hits the stage and appear like the hands on a clock. indicates that time is ticking and he is running out of time.
- occurs in the second half which can indicate the effect of 'the showtime' (substance) is only temporary and as time passes the feeling caused by substance/s fade
- the realistic, elaborative and complex composure of the set contrasts the set of most contemporary dance companies who opt for a minimalistic set. thus, extending the boundaries of dance. contrasting with the set of the second half.
- the set in a and b are contrasting and in the first half in which the showtime exists the set is more realistic.


who is the choreographer?

- crystal pite


who is the director?

- jonathon young


who is jonathon young and what influenced him?

- 2009 tragedy struck jonathon young and his family when his 14-year-old daughter azra young and two of her cousins were killed in a cabin fire.
- in the aftermath of the heartbreaking incident the director, playwright and performer began to write.
- “i was writing about what I was experiencing and what I was going through,” young says.
- 2014, he teamed up with fellow canadian and friend crystal pite to create betroffenheit
raw, dance drama evolved into a show where contemporary dance and theatre intersect.
- attempted to explore the experience of trauma and how it affects the mind, the body, the voice.
- taking a catastrophic event and creating a fiction is unstable terrain to enter into but it helped him move forward.
- they don't stage the fire that took my daughter. it’s not like a confessional thing. it’s not like overtly autobiographical


what is the relationship between jermaine and jonathon?

- refers to jermaine's character as "my supporting act, my psyc, my wingman"
- represents the part of young that encompasses both his strengths and his weaknesses
- ventriloquism: used by young, sometimes acting on his behalf, sometimes acting on his own
- alter ego, side kick and another part of him
- character chameleon


what is the relationship between jonathon and the crisis management team?

- no one is in charge - chaotic
- is simply concerned with making sure he gets on stage for the variety show and not about his wellbeing.
- they grasp his arms and shove a microphone into his mouth to pump substance into him to make him ready for the show.
- could be symbolic of the symptoms of withdrawal as jonathon has to be literally supported as his limbs refuse to hold him up. he constantly collapses as the dancers struggle to support him
- the dancers repeated ‘pump him’ 3 times followed by reassuring him its that “its okay” as the pulsed in a circle in unison. requiring the isolation of the torso from the rest of the body.
- the rapid pulsing movement symbolises a fibrillating heart which is caused by the use of substance
- the show had to go on - it couldn't stop as it was the only thing they knew how to do - repeating the same actions
- the dynamic of the relationship is unusual in the sense that there is verbal communication between both parties (although one sided) and hence breaks the boundaries of dance.


background information on kidd pivot

- est. in 2002 in vancouver canada by founder and a.d crystal pite
- the company currently comprises of 8 full time dancers and several guest dancers
- kidd pivots performance work is assembled with recklessness and rigour, exactitude with irreverence and risk
- their distinct choreographic language (a breadth of movement fusing classical elements and the complexity and freedom of structured improvisation) is marked by a strong sense of theatrical sensibility and a keen sense of wit and invention.


what awards have kidd pivot won?

- the isadora award (2005)
- several mavor moore awards (2009,2012)
- most recent award: laurence oliver award for outstanding achievement in dance