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What does the biological approach believe?

- behaviour is influences by physical, physiological processes
- e.g genetics, hormones, structure of the brain and neurotransmitters (NT)


What are the key parts of the biological approach?

- influence of genes
- biological structures and neurochemistry on behaviour
- genotype and phenotype
- genetic basis of behaviour
- evolution and behaviour


Describe the influence of genes and the genetic basis of behaviour

- 23 pairs of chromosomes (inherited)
- there are genotypes that form basis of our development
- genetic makeup = basis for behaviouR
- genes: carry instructions for characteristics
- how a characteristic develops depends on how genes interact with each other and environment
- not all genes are turned on (this is affected by environment)


Describe why twin studies are used to research behaviour

- used to see if behaviour is


What key research was done on behaviour using twins?

- can