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Background of biological treatment

Medication used in treating depression can increase levels of neurotransmitters or prevents the uptake of serotonin


Aim of Karp and Frank

Compare drug treatment and non-drug treatments for depression


Method of Karp and Frank

Review article of previous research into the effectiveness of single treatments and combined drug & psychotherapeutic treatments for depression


Participants of Karp and Frank

- 529 women took part in selected studies. With depression
- 9 pieces of research between 1974 to 1992


Design of Karp and Frank

- Depression analysed using a variety of depression inventories
- All patients tested before treatment, some after
- Health practitioners were sometimes used to access the patients



- Adding psychological treatments did not increase effectiveness of drug therapy
- Some studies show less attrition with combined therapy, more likely to benefit if cognitive therapy is used as well


Conclusions of Karp and Frank

- Evidence does not show better outcomes with combined therapies
- Highlights effectiveness of drug therapy on depression