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What is meant by an ECOSYSTEM ?

A community of plants, animals that interact with each other and their environment


What is meant by a BIOME ?

A very large ecosystem


What is the biosphere ?

All the biomes together


Name the main types of Biomes globally ?

Tropical Rainforests, Anna Grasslands, Deserts, Mediterranean Scrublands, Temperate, Coniferous, Tundra, Arctic.


What physical geography affects which biomes are present within certain areas in the world ?

Sunlight intensity and rainfall.


What is latitude ?

the angular distance of a place north or south of the earth's equator.


What is altitude?

The height of an object in relation to sea level


When latitude changes it affects the Suns ... And ...
Fill the gaps.

Angle and intensity


What do you think is the emergents layer in the rainforest?

Giant trees thst stick out above the canopy. They are much taller than average canopy trees. Many birds and insects live here.


How is the ground protected from heavy rainfall ?

Vegetation acts as a physical barrier and therefore intercepts the heavy rainfall from directly eroding the upper humus layer of the soil.


What is a coniferous biome ?

Coniferous forests are at higher latitudes where Suns rays are weak. Trees are adapted to the cold experience here with needle like leaves.


What is a deciduous biome ?

Deciduous forests have a high rainfall and there are seasonal variations in the Suns Ray's. Trees lose their leaves in the cool winters.


What is a tundra biome ?

The tundra is within the arctic circle. This area revives little rainfall. Only tough, short grasses can survive here.


What is a tropical biome?

Tropical rainforests are normally found near the equator. The temperature is hot and there is a lot of heavy rainfall.


What is a desert biome?

Deserts are close to the tropics of Cancer and Capricorn . This is where the hot dry air sinks down to the earths surface and the Suns Ray's are concentrated making it very hot during the day


What is marine influence ?

The sea cools nearby in hot land in the hot season and warms it up in the cold season. This reduces annual temperature range and increases precipitation.


What is continentality?

Away from the sea, the land heats up in the hot season and cools quickly in the cold season. This increases the annual temperature range and reduces precipitation.


What is the canopy ?

The upper level of the trees thst form the cover over the lower layers. Full of life, this layer is home to many insects and birds, reptiles and mammals.


What is the understory?

The cool, dark environment that is between the canopy and the ground.


What is the forest floor?

The ground layer of the rainforest, teeming with insects life and host to the biggest animals of the rainforest.