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Which AFI is the Air Force Records Management Program is governed by?

AFI 33-322, Records Management Program


Which AFI ensures information is available to support effective decision making through authoritative information and protects the legal rights of the Air Force, its employees, and the public?

AFI 33-322, Records Management Program


Which type of records can be altered and have not been singed or officially released?

Draft records


Which type of records have been signed, officially released and cannot be altered?

Final records


What are records an office uses frequently in current business or until a cutoff period is met?

Active Files


What are records the office no longer needs or in a retention period after the cutoff date and awaiting final disposition?

Inactive Files


What is a term used for separating active records and inactive records?



What is a comprehensive term that includes destruction, salvage, or donation; transfer to a staging area or records center; or transfer from one organization to another?



What is an organized collection of related data, usually arranged into logical records that are stored together and treated as a unit?



What is a “road map” or “table of contents” that shows what records are maintained and in what order they are kept in an office of records?

File Plan


What are records the Archivist of the United States has appraised and approved for permanent retention by the Government of the United States, and for accessioning into the National Archives?

Permanent Records


What is the official, or file, or coordination copy created by an action office, complete with coordination, enclosures, or related background papers that form a complete file or history of the action?

Record Copy


What is the length of time the Air Force keeps a record before disposing of it according to the disposition schedules

Retention Period


What are documents such as rough notes, calculations, or drafts assembled or created and used in the preparation and analysis of other documents?

Working Files


Who has the overall responsibility for the Air Force Records Management Program?

Air Force Chief Information Officer (AF CIO)


Who administers the program for the CIO, represents the Secretary of the Air Force (SAF) on records management issues, and oversees the legal requirements for the management of Air Force records?

Air Force Records Officer (AFRO)


Who establishes and manages a training program for newly appointed Base Records Managers (BRM) and provides guidance to tenants and BRMs?

Command Records Managers (CRM) and Agency Records Managers (ARM)


Who administers the installation Records Management Program and has approval/disapproval authority for the file plan?

Base Records Manager (BRM)


What are the 3 duties of the Base Records Manager (BRM)?

Provide assistance, manage staging areas, and training


Who serves as the POC for the Records Management program within their unit of functional area?

Functional Area Records Manager (FARM)


Who is designated as head of an office where records are created, received or maintained and will complete initial role-based training upon assignment to the office?

Chief of the Office of Record (COR)


Who maintains, services, and disposes of the office’s active and inactive records and develops and maintains the office file plan within AFRIMS?

Records Custodian (RC)


What is an evaluation conducted on offices of record (units) every 24 months (12 months for short tours/AOR) and is conducted by the BRM or FARM?

Staff Assistance Visit (SAV)


What are essential agency records that are needed to meet operational responsibility?

Vital Records


What are the two types of vital records?

Emergency Operating Records and Rights and Interest Records


What are records necessary for military efforts and mobilization, protection of material, personnel, etc.?

Emergency Operating Records


What upholds the legal rights and interests of individual citizens and the Government?

Rights and Interest Records


What is a description of records that are vital to continue operations or for the protection of legal and financial rights?

Vital Records Plan


Who is the final authority when determining which records are vital and will approve the inventory?

Chief of the Office of Record (COR)


How long is the retention period for Air Force personnel records?

10 years


What is a storage area that receives and maintains inactive records in less costly space and equipment than Air Force users in current files areas?

Staging Area


What is the first step of staging records?

The Air Force Records Information Management System (AFRIMS) staging module


Who is the OPR for management and oversight of the Search Request and Litigation Hold process and reviews the Search Request and Litigation Hold?

Air Force Records Officer (AFRO)


Who will ensure network search activities provide an audit trail?

Air Force Space Command (AFSPC)


Who provides oversight of subordinate BRMs and/or FARMs as applicable to ensure searches are completed and reported in AFRIMS IAW the assigned suspense?

Command/Agency Records Manager (CRM/ARM)


Who serves as the local point of contact and authority for the search, collection, and preservation procedures of the discovery/litigation hold process?

Base Records Manager (BRM)


Who ensures RCs complete search requests and report results and close out reporting in AFRIMS after units completed reporting?

Functional Area Records Manager (FARM)


Who ensure the Records Holder (RH) conducts a thorough search of all information and provide confirmation that a search was conducted?

Chief of Record (COR)


Who notifies respective COR, and RHs assigned within their area of responsibility, upon receipt of a tasked records search?

Records Custodian (RC)


What reduces costly, ineffective, and redundant information collections and reporting requirements?

The Information Collections and Reports Management Program


What minimized the Federal paperwork burden on the public, small business, and state and local governments?

The Paperwork Reduction Act of 1995


AFRIMS accounts are created using what as the user’s AFRIMS ID?

The Air Force Portal Identification (ID)


Where can a list of approved supplies such as labels, file folders, and guide cards can be found?

AFMAN 33-363