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Model type engine used in the Growler



Three modes of operation for the Auxiliary Power Unit (APU)

1) GMM - Ground
2) MES - Main Engine Start
3) ECS - Environmental Control System


Purpose of the In-Flight Refueling (IFR) probe

Allows for refueling while flying


What does the Aircraft Fuel Storage System consist of?

- 4 main bags/fuel cells
- 2 wing tanks
- 5 external drop tanks


Purpose of the foam-lined wing tanks

Allows aircraft to self seal small external damage


What does the Secondary Power Systems consist of?

- Auxiliary Power Unit (APU)
- Airframe Mounted Accessory Drive (AMAD)
- Secondary Power Compressed Air


Purpose of the APU

Gas Turbine Engine; Supplies air to ECS


Purpose of the AMAD

Transmits power to engine for starting


Purpose of Secondary Power Compressed Air

Provides pneumatic power for operating the ECS


What are the related systems in the Power Plant?

- Ignition
- Lubrication
- Main Fuel
- Afterburner Fuel
- Variable Exhaust Nozzle (VEN)
- Variable Geometry
- Anti-Icing
- Full Authority Digital Engine Control (FADEC)
- Throttle


Explain VEN

Cam and link-positioned hinged-flap, convergent-divergent nozzle mounted to the aft end of the afterburner case.

Helps push exhaust gases out the plane


Explain Variable Geometry

Consists of Fan Variable Geometry (FVG) and Compressor Variable Geometry (CVG)

- FVG provides better efficiency of the fan

- CVG provides better efficiency of the compressor


Explain Full Authority Digital Engine Control (FADEC)

Receives aircraft and engine sensor information and determines what will help the engine operate to its full potential


Components driven by the AMAD

Used to drive:
- Fuel boost / Motive flow pump
- Electrical generator
- 3000/5000 psi hydraulic pump


How does the AMAD interface with the APU and engine?

Pneumatically connected to APU through the Air Turbine Starts (ATS)


Safety precautions that must be observed during engine ground turn-up

- PPE is required
- Distance of 9 ft radius from intakes
- 25 ft radius at MIL or MAX to prevent being pulled in


Safety precautions that apply to fueling and defueling

- PPE is required
- Must not be done within 100 ft of radio equipment or 300 ft from ground RADAR equipment