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How long are blood donor records kept?


How many weeks to notify for post donation deferals?


Can rare products be donated without meeting all allogenic requirements?

10 years


8 weeks


Yes! IgA-deficent, antigen negative, etc


How long to defer for plt collection if on asprin?

Retinoid deferals?

Granulocyte amount to be effective?


2 days!; Rest of drugs are at discretion of medical director


Varies from 1 month for finasteride/isotretinoid upt o forever for etrelinate




Donor Packed RBC required hemoglobin at end of donation; amount collected on avg?


Donor required  hemoglobin?


RBC donor interval suggestion?

NONE!; 450-500 mL


12.5 g/dL, 33%


8 weeks 


Apheresis platelet products must contrain how many platelets; donation interval? 


Whole blood platelets must contain; donation interval?

Dose of granulocytes/unit that produce responsein adults? 

3x10e11 per unit


5.5x10e10; 2 day interval; 2/weekno more than 24/12 month period




How long can Additive Solution RBCs be kept (AS) , CDPA-1, CPD/ACD?


Temp of RBC storage? 


42 days, 35 days, 21 days


1-6 deg C


FFP is frozen in X  hours?


What factors decrease after 8-24 hours? 

T/F Thawed plasma can be make from FFP/FP24?

Cryoprecipitate has decreased levels of?

6-8 hrs?; must be given w/i 24 hours of thawing


V and VIII

Yes; 1-6 deg C up to 5 days; VIII levels drop


VII, vWF, XIII, Fibrinogen


What is cryoprecipitate used for? 

True or false: Cryo is pooled?

AABB standards for what cryo should contain?

Most common use of cryoprecipitate reduced plasma? 

Fibrinogne replacement or factor VIII hemophiliacs

True; 5 single units pooled; 4 hrs to transfuse

8-100 U VIII, 150-250 mL fibrinogen, vWF, XIII, fibronectin