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Tao He Cheng Qi Tang
ingredients + details

Tao Ren - Persicae Semen - invig bld - CDa Huang - Rhei Radix et Rhizoma - DD purgative - CGui Zhi - Cinnamomi Ramulus - WARE - DMang Xiao - Natri Sulfas - DD purgative - Azhi Gan Cao - Glycyrrhizae Radix - tonify Qi - A+EXu Xue - Blood amassment in the LJSx: acute lower abdo pain; night sweats; delirious speech; irritability; restlessness and thirstPULSE: full or submerged, choppyTONGUE: pale w thin yellow coatDa Huang + Mang Xiao = move heat down and outTao Ren = move bloodGui Zhi = zhi Gan Cao =


Xue Fu Zhu Yu Tang ingredients + details

Tao Ren - Persicae Semen - invig bld - CHong Hua - Carthami Flos - invig bld - CChuan Xiong - Chuanxiong Rhz - invig bld - CSheng Di - Rhemmaniae Radix - cool bld - DDang Gui - Angelicae Sinensis Radix - ton bld - DChi Shao - Paeoniae Radix Rubra - invig bld - D Chuan Niu Xi - Cyathulae Radix - invig bld - D Chai Hu - Bupleuri Radix - CARE - A Zhi Ke - Auranthi Fructus - reg qi - A Jie Geng - Platycodi Radix - trans phlegm - A Gan Cao - Glycyrrhizae Radix - ton qi - E Blood stasis in the chest & obstructed blood circulation Sx: pain in the chest/hypo; chronic stubborn HA; choking sensation when drinking; incessant hiccough; dry heaves; depression or low spirits; palpitations, insomnia, restless sleep, irritability; extreme mood swings; tidal fever; dark or purplish lipsTONGUE: dark red w dark spots on sidesPULSE: choppy or wiry TR, HH, CX invig bld, dispel stasis in upper body DG, ChS invig bld in lower body ShDi, DG dispel bld wp damaging yin/blood, DG nourishes bldShDi cools bloodCH raises the clear yang, moves the qi of the LV ZhK, JG promotes mvmt of qi, expands chest JG guides to the chest - keeps qi circulating ChNXi invig bld down, creates systemic circulation GC regulates and harmonizes


Tong Qiao Huo Xue Tang ingredients + details

Tao Ren Hong Huan Chuan Xiong Chi Shao Cong Bai - Sheng Jiang Da Zao She Xiang Blood Stasis in the head and face


Ge Xia Zhu Yu Tang ingredients + details

Wu Ling Zhi - trogopterori feces- dissolves bed stasis Dang Gui - Angelicae Sinensis Rx - ton bld - C Chuan Xiong - Chuanxiong Rx - invg bld - CChi Shao - Paeoniae Radix Rubra - invg bld - CMu Dan Pi - Moutan Cortex - CH cool bld - A Tao Ren - Persicae Semen - invg bld - C Hong Hua - Carthami Flos - invg bld - C Wu Yao - Linderae Rx - reg qi -DYan Hu Suo - Corydalis Rhz - invg bld - D Xiang Fu - Cyperi Rhz - reg qi - DZhi Ke - Auranthi Fructus - reg qi - A Gan Cao - Glycyrrhizae Rx - ton qi - E Blood Stagnation Below the Diaphragm Sx: palpable abdo masses w fixed pain, bearing down sensations PULSE: choppyTONGUE: dusky


Shao Fu Zhu Yu Tang ingredients + details

(chao) Xiao Hui Xiang - Foeniculi Fr - warm int - warm LV channel(chao) Gan Jiang - Zingiberis Rhz - warm intYan Hu Suo - Corydalis Rhz - invg bld - alleviate painDang Gui - Angelicae Sinensis Rx - ton bld - nourish and move bldChuan Xiong - Chuanxiong Rhz - invg bld - nourish and move bld Mo Yao - Myrrha - invg bld - penetrate network vessels - open jing/luo to resolve Guan Gui - Cinnamomi Cortex - warm int - more warming Chi Shao - Paeonia Radix Rubra - invg bld - Pu Huang - Typhae Pollen - stop bld - moves bld + stops bleeding (chao) Wu Ling Zhi - Trogopterori Feces - dissolves bld stasis Blood Stasis in the Lower Abdomen Sx: palpable masses w or wo pain; lower abdo masses w o pain; lower abdo distention; frequent menses (3-5 x mo); TONGUE: purple PULSE: wirey, choppy, slow


Shen Tong Zhu Yu Tang

Painful Obstruction of Qi and BLood Stasis blocking the Jing LuoC. Qin Jiao- expel WD, clear heat, moisten jointsD. Chuan Xiong, Tao Ren, Hong Hua - invigorate blood - move blood stasis D. Qiang Huo - focuses on upper back, actively gets rid of WDC - herbal Du14 D. Mo Yao- moves substantial bld stasis, goes into channels, opens stasis A. Dang Gui - nourish and move blood A. Wu Ling Zhi - helps Mo yao - quickly disperses A. Xiang Fu - opens movement of qi in body A. Chuan Niu Xi - moves bld stasis, directs circulation of blood DOWN A. Di Long - opens up the channels, moves bld, penetrates any region of body E. Gan Cao - harmonizes formulaDr Wang's Bi Syndrome Rx - for ANY PAINQin Jiao - Gentiane Macrophyllae Rx - Dispel wind-damp Chuan Xiong - Chuanxiong Rhz - invg bld Tao Ren - Persicae Semen - Invg Bld Hong Hua - Carthami Flos - invg bld Qiang Huo - Notopterygi Rhz seu Rx - WARE Mo Yao - Myrrha - Invg Bld Dang Gui - Angelicae Sinensis Rx - Ton Bld Wu Ling Zhi - Trogopterori Faeces - Invg Bld Xiang Fu - Cyperi Rhz - Reg Qi Chuan Niu Xi - Cyanthulae Rx - Invg Bld Di Long - Pheretima - ext wind and stp tremors Gan Cao - Glycyrrhizae Rx - Ton Qi


Bu Yang Huan Wu Tang

Post Stroke Sequelae - Qi Xu w Blood Stasis obstructing Channels C. Huang Qi - restore upright qi to act on blood level D. Dang Gui, Chuan Xiong, Chi Shao - invig blood and harmonize nutritive qi, tonify and move. Chi Shao to move blood.A. Tao Ren, Hong Hua - invig bld, dispel stasis A. Di Long - unblock channels and collateral, guides Rx to Flesh TONGUE: White Coat PULSE: Moderate Qi deficiency leading to Blood Stasis obstructing the channels.


Shi Xiao San - Sudden Smile Powder

Blood Stasis in Lower Abdomen and ChestPu Huang - Typhae Pollen - Stop Bleeding Wu Ling Zhi - Trogopterori Faeces - Invg Blood


Gui Zhi Fu Ling Wan

Blood Stasis in Uterus C. Gui Zhi - unblock vessels, reduce stasis by promoting circulation C. Fu Ling - promote downward circulation of blood bc it leaches downward. Also nourishes Qi of HT/SP and clams shen. Also transforms phlegm and promo urino to prevent formation of masses. D. Shao Yao - chi to promo bld circulation, break up bld stasis (bai if spasms and abdo pain) A. Mu Dan Pi, Tao Ren - cool and invigorate blood and break up bld stasis Transforming blood stasis by facilitating Qi Transformation. regulates the circulation of Qi, blood and fluids when blocked by cold penetrating into the lower jiaoSx: mild persistent uterine bleeding of purple or dk bld DURING pregnancy. W/ abdo pain increased by pressure. Stasis in U is bothering the fetus = restless fetus -disorders of menstruation-fixed abdo masses eg fibroid, cysts, PID, endometriosis -lack of regularity bw nutritive and wei qi leading to hot flush w cold hand and feet, HA, neck/shoulder stiffness, dizziness. -circulatory issues like ?TONGUE: dark w purple stasis spots PULSE: submerged and choppy Mu Dan Pi - Moutan Cortex - CH - cool blood


Sheng Hua Tang

Post partum Blood Def w cold C. Dang Gui - tonifies and invigorates blood, generates new blood, generates flesh. D. Chuan Xiong - invigorates and promo movmt of bld D. Tao Ren - invg and dispel stasis esp big chunks A. Pao Jiang - dispels cold IN BLOOD to assist in moving bld stasis E. Zhi Gan Cao - harmonizes Rx and A. pao jiang to warm middle and alleviate pain retention of lochia w cold pain in lower abdo TONGUE: pale, purplePULSE: thin, submerged, choppy og w urine of pre pubescent boy to nourish yin and direct the down Rx down and dispel stasis


Wen Jing Tang

Deficiency cold of the Chong and Ren Channels w blood stasis C. Wu Zhu Yu -disperse cold and stop pain C. Gui Zhi - enters nutritive Qi to improve circulation in vessels D. Chuan Xiong, Dang Gui - invg blood, dispel bld stasis, nourish blod regulate menses D. Dang Gui, Shao yao, E Jiao - nourish blood - tonify yin, regulate LV D. E Jiao, Mai Men Dong - nourish yin, nourish drynessA. Mu Dan Pi - clear heat from def and protect from drying nature of chief herbs.A. ren shen, ban xia, sheng jiang, gan cao - tonify qi, harmonize SP/ST so yang can promote yin. Sx mild persistant U bleeding, irregluar menses (early or late), extended or continuous flow, pain and distention, cold in lower abdo, irritability, dry lips and mouth, low grade fever at dusk, warm palms and soles. TONGUE: purple PULSE: fine and roughWu Zhu Yu - evodia fructus - warm int, expel cold E Jiao - Asini Corii colla - Tonify Bloodmai Men Dong - Ophiopogonis Rx - Tonify YinBan Xia - Pinelliae Rhz prep - transform phlegm


Fu Yuan Huo Xue Tang ingredients and details

Traumatic Injury with Qi and blood Stagnation Chief: Dang Gui, Tao Ren, Hong Hua, Chuan Shan Jia } invig bld, dispel stasis, reduce swelling, alleviate pain, unblock channels. Chuan Shan Jia - particularly effective at breaking blood stasis and unblocking channels Chief: Da Huang - 1) strengthens invig bld and dispel stasis of other chiefs 2) cleanses coagulation of static and decayed blood DOWNWARD 3) relaxes MJ and directs Qi down to unblock the ascending and descending Fx of MJ and to remove constrained Qi. Deputy/Asst: Trian Hua Fen - Trichosanthis Rx - promotes new tissue growth and reduces swelling, enters blood level and reduces stasis, disperses accumulations, CH and moistens drynessAssistant: Chai Hu - spreads LV Qi, promotes movement of Qi, guides to LV channel to treat pain. W/Da Huang acts to regulate upward and downward movement of Qi in the MJ. Envoy: Gan Cao - relaxes spasm and alleviates pain, regulates and harmonizes Fx of other herbs. substitute Zao Jiao Ci - Gleditsia Spine for Chuan Shan Jia (endangered species) esp for drying out pus and treating wounds not yet suppurated.loose bowels and alleviation of pain indicates Rx has worked and should be stopped. Sx: EXCRUCIATING PAIN associated w traumaTONGUE: maybe purple or stasis spots PULSE: choppy, wiry or submerged


Huo Luo Xiao Ling Daningredients and details

Qi and BLood Stagnation Obstructing Jing Luo Chief: Dang Gui - Invigorate and nourish blood and alleviate pain, move blood to engender new blood for proper circulation, generate flesh.Deputy: Dan Shen - Salviae Miltiorrhizae Rx - strengthens blood invig of Dang Gui, Eliminates blood stasis, cools blood, enters HT to aid circulation (fave bld invig of 1900s)Deputy Dui Yao: Mo Yao (myrrha) and Ru Xiang (olibanum) invig blood, dispel blood stasis, promo movement of Qi, alleviate painRx enters the collaterals to alleviate painSx: pain due to traumatic injury, fixed masses, swellingTONGUE: stasis spots PULSE: wire, rough


Dang Gui Shao Yao Saningredients and details

LV/SP disharmony w both Bld Stasis and Qi Stag due to damp. w abdo cramping and fluid retention Chief: Bai Shao (48g) nourishes bld, softens LV, moderates spasmodic abdo pain, unblocks vessels, promo water metabo Deputies: Chuang Xiong - enters bld to dispel stasis; Ze Xie (alsimatis rhz) promo water metabo and leach out dampness. Together support Bai Shao in opening constraint and dredging vessels and collaterals. Assistants: Dang Gui - nourishes and invigs bld, supports bai shao to harmoz LV and chuang xiong to invig bld. Fu Ling & Bai Zhu - tonify qi and leach out dampness. Bai Zhu with Bai Shao used for concurrent LV/SP probs. Envoy: wine - encourage free flow of LV Qi3/4 Si Wu Tang but no Sheng di b/c too much water Sx: continuous cramping of abdo - not severe; urinary difficulty; slight edema (of lower limbs) usually during pregnancy or with GYN disorderbetter for mild but sustained abdo pain and cramping