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List the health-related components of fitness

- cardiorespiratory endurance
- muscular strength
- muscular endurance
- flexibility
- body composition


What is cardiorespiratory endurance

Supply of oxygen to the muscles in order for them to perform.
High oxygen supply to the muscle ensures that muscles work for longer and at higher intensities.


How do you measure cardiorespiratory endurance

Shuttle beep tests
which allows us to see the amount of oxygen an individual can uptake as the intensity of the exercise increases
If individual is physically fit the oxygen supplied to their muscles will be sufficient


What is muscular strength?

• The force produced by muscles can be tested through


How can muscular strength be tested through ( not physical test )

speed of contractions, load, range of movement and condition of the muscles


What is absolute strength?

the maximum amount force that can be applied in one single movement ( 1 RM , repetition maximum )


What is muscle hypertrophy?

• Muscle hypertrophy = increasing strength leading to increase in muscles


How do you measure muscular strength?

Dynamometer test
Tightness of grasp determines strength a it tests the max force applicable in one movement and how much strength can be produced in this movement measure in 1RM


What is muscular endurance?

• Measures how long various muscle groups an continue to exert force without stopping due to fatigue


What is an effective test for muscular endurance?

Sit up test
How many assisted situps an individual can do in 60 seconds.
Test ability of muscle groups to perform without stopping.


What is flexibility?

Range of movement at a particular point


What does flexibility depend on?

Elasticity of the tissue
Amount of surrounding tissue
Shape of the joint


What does flexibility help with?

Prevents injury
Improve posture
Improves blood circulation
Prevents development of lower back pain later in life
Strengthen muscles


How is flexibility measured?

Sit and reach test
- measures elasticity
- assess lower back and hamstring flexibility
- beneficial to athlete to assess range of movement
- strengthen muscles and prevent injury


What is body composition

The percentage of fat, bone and water..


What does body composition tell us about weight?

It is not a good indicator of health as body builders weigh a lot but have low fat body content


What are essential fats?

Fats that everyone needs as they surround vital organs


What can the absence of essential fats do? Why?

Cause chronic health problems as essential fats protect insulate and absorb shock to these organs


What are additional fats?

What are they used for?

Storage fats that act as a source of energy

Used for fuel during times of rest & sleep & extended periods of exercise


Why is the measurement of body composition beneficial

Measures how much of your weight is made of fatty tissue than muscle.


Why is % of body composition bigger for women?

They are child bearing


What is the Body Mass Index q

calculated by dividing the weight of a person in kg by their height = compared in a normative table.


What measurement is used to calculate body composition

Skin fold assessment
- pinching the skin of biceps, triceps, subscapular
- measured using set of skin fold capillers
- added & compared in normative table


List the skill related components of physical fitness

- Power
- Speed
- Agility
- Coordination
- Balance
- Reaction time


What is power and how should the tests be measured.

• Ability to exert maximal force in quick bursts of energy.
• Tests = only take a few seconds and involve highest intensity energy system = ATP


What is the common method of measuring power

Vertical jump test


What is speed and how can an improvement in speed be made?

• Measure of how fast you can perform a task
• Improvements in speed can result from increased power
• Changes in speed can be made from = reaction time, form, alignment, balance and the utilisation of energy


What is the method of measuring speed?

50 meter sprint


What is agility and what is it a combination of

• Ability to change direction quickly while on your feet whether you are standing or still in motion.
• Agility combines = coordination balance and speed.


What is the method for measuring Agility

Illinois Agility Run