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Who are the main characters in this book ?

- Juno (+ Aeolus, Neptune)
- Juppiter
- Destiny / Fates
- Venus (+ Cupid)
- Aeneas (+Ascanius)
- Dido


Name the Trojan's Aeneas meets Dido with

- Achetes
- (Lost Ones) Antheus,Sergestus, Cloanthus, Ilioneus and some other Trojans


What happens in Book 1 ?

- Aeneas and Trojans shipwrecked by Dido sending a tempest (Via King Aleolus)
- Shipwrecked they meet a Spartan Girl (Venus) who tells the of Dido and story
- In an invisible cloud Aeneas looks around Carthage, see's temple of Juno with depictions of Trojan war
- Aeneas and Dido meet, set to have banquet
- Exchange gifts
- Venus sends cupid to remove the memory of sycheaus


Who's perspective is mostly shown in this book ?

The gods, especially Juno and Venus they guide the action.


In Book 1 how is Virgil influenced by Homer ?

- arms and the man opens the work with explicit link
- debate amongst the gods
- A ‘powerful goddess’ is detaining the hero (Calypso, in Od’s case, for rather different reasons!)
- Aeolia and Aeolus
- shipwrecked landing
- Echoes of Phaeacians, (Od. 13) but contrast them - peaceful, easy lives, at the edge of the world with no contact with other people – with Cathaginians - ‘ruthless in the pursuit of war’. Also contrast intensity of Aeneas’ relationship with Dido vs Odysseus / Arete.
- Homeric-style hospitality, gift of Helen’s dress to Dido
- 430 (Bees) echoes Virgil’s Georgics


Key parts of the book 1

- Juno’s speech
- Aeolus’ prison of the winds
- Venus’ speeches
- Jupiter’s prophecy
- Dido’s temple frieze
- Dido and Cupid
- Dido-as-immortal vs Venus-as-mortal



Fate, The gods and divine will, Piety, Rome, War and Peace, Suffering


Key Qoutes

- Even here, the world is a world of tears and the burdens of mortality touch the heart.
- A joy it will be one day, perhaps, to remember even this.
Venus: A woman leads them all.
Virgil: Wars and a man I sing.