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Describe the Sulci?

- Sulci in same place in all brains
- Central Sulcus = separates frontal from parietal
- Parieto-Occipital Sulcus = separates parietal from occipital
- Lateral Sulcus = separates temporal from other lobes


What can you seen in the Inferior Surface of the brain?

- Optic Chiasm lies at the base of the Diencephalon
- Infundibulum (pituitary stalk) = next to the optic chiasm


Function and Location of the Ventricular system?

- Posterior Horn of Lateral Ventricles --> Occipital Lobe
- Cortex = Largest part of the brain
- Outside of Lateral Ventricles = Basal Ganglia

Function = Mechanical Protective Role

CSF - removes waste substances from brain surface and delivers products (hormones) to regions of the brain.


Describe the Spinal Cord?

- segmented column of neural tissue
- core consists of grey matter (neuronal cell bodies)
- wrapping around of white matter containing axons
- grey matter divided into sensory and motor areas
- Dorsal horns are sensory
- cell bodies of the sensory axons is in the dorsal root ganglion
- sensory information is carried up ascending pathways
- ventral part of the grey matter consists of motor neurons
- axons of the motor neurons go out via the ventral roots and the muscles