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What is breast infection caused by?

  • Staph aureus
  • Bacteria enters through break in skin, usually nipple
  • Occur in breast-feeding women
  • Infections unrelated to breastfeeding msust be differentiated from inflammatory breast cancer (highly malignant and rare)


What is mastitis?

  • Occurs during lactation
  • By S. Aureus
  • Breastfeeding ban be continued
  • BNF advises to treat if 'systemically unwell, nipple fissure, if symptoms do not improve after 12-24hrs of effective milk removal'


What is the first line antibiotic for mastitis?

  • Flucloxacillin 10-14 days
  • Breastfeeding to continue during this
  • Untreated may progress to abscess


What is the treatment for breast cellulitis?

Flucloxacillin promptly


What is periductal mastitis?

  • Presents at younger age than duct ectasia
  • May present w/ features of inflammation, abscess or mammary duct fistula
  • Strongly associated w/ smoking
  • Rx → abx


What are features of breast abscess?

  • Lactational mastitis common cause
  • Infection w/ staph aureus
  • O/E → tender fluctuant mass
  • Rx → Abx + USS guided aspiration
  • Overlying skin necrosis indication for surgical debridement


What are features of tuberuclosis in relation to the breast?

  • Rare in western countries, usually secondary TB
  • Affects women later in child bearing period
  • Chronic breast or axillary sinus is present in up to 50% cases
  • Diagnosis → biopsy culture + histology