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What are key features of breast fibroadenoma?

  • Develop from a whole lobule
  • Common < 30yrs
  • Mobile, firm, painless breast lumps - 'a breast mouse'
  • 12% of all breast masses
  • Over 2 year period, 30% will get smaller
  • No increase risk of malignancy


What is the treatment for fibroadenoma?

  • If >3cm → surgical excision usual
  • Phyllodes tumours should be widely excised (mastectomy if lesion large)


What are key features of fibrocystic changes?

  • Cyclical proliferation + involution of breast tissue
  • Symptoms change with menstrual cycle
  • In women between 24-45 Y
  • Sx → cyclical pain / multiple or single lumps / cysts


What is the treatment for fibrocystic changes?

  • Solitary lump → triple assessment 
  • Cysts → treat w/ aspiration
  • Pain relief, OCP and evening primrose oil may help


What are breast cysts?

  • 7% of all Western females present with a breast cyst
  • Smooth discrete lump +/- fluctuant
  • Small inc risk of breast cancer (esp if younger)
  • Age group = 40-60 Y
  • Diagnosed w/ USS
  • Treated with needle aspiration during triple assessment 


What are features of breast pain (mastalgia)?

  • Associated w/ benign disease + may be unilateral or bilateral
  • Cyclic mastalgia → relates to menstrual cycle, pathology excluded by exam + imaging


How is mastalgia managed?

  • Conservative → firm bras, paracetamol, evening primrose oil
  • Hormonal therapies for chronic pain


What is duct ectasia?

  • Seen in up to 25% normal female breasts
  • Present w/ thick-green nipple discharge, from single or multiple ducts
  • Duct ectasia often normal variant of breast involution and not same condition as periductal mastitis


What is intraductal papilloma?

  • Growth of papilloma in single duct
  • Presents w/ clear or blood stained discharge originating from single duct
  • No increase risk of malignancy
  • Rx → microdochectomy