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Differentiate between seizure and epilepsy


Seizure: single occurrence
Epilepsy: Condition characterised by 2 or more unprovoked seizures more than 24 hours apart


Define Prodrome, Aura, Focal seizure and Generalised seizure

Which sex is more affected?


Prodrome: Change in mood or behaviour. Can last hours or days before the episode
Aura: Often a focal seizure, can be a feeling of deja-vu or strange smells or flashing lights
Focal seizure: Electrical and clinical manifestation of seizures that arise from one portion of the brain.
Generalised seizure: General tonic clonic seizure (GTCS)= typically involves LOC and a phasic tonic stiffening of the limbs either symmetrically or asymmetrically followed by repetitive clonic jerking. Aetiology= genetic.

Males more affected