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Teisho is Heel palm
Fingers straight and bent back-MOST IMPORTANT Part
Fingers up when striking upper body.
Fingers down when striking lower body.
Can do from side to do center mass
Can be strike (Tsuki) or block (uke) Either is okay
Can also be snap or thrust-either are okay
Snap is primarily when doing a side to side motion. Like seaweed under water.
Thrust usually done coming out like punch.
Chamber for teisho back of wrist pointed away and fingers splayed back at target or back wrist strike.



Any hand technique not a fist.
Teisho uke/tsuki
Back of wrist
Shuto uke
Eagle claw or Tiger claw


Walk the Dog

3 Step Process
Step right
Roll up opponents arm-circular pattern
Like thousand paper cuts
Right arm first (One hand always behind other)
Left arm follows then
Target back wrist to temple or ear opposite side face



Snapping Pattern
Step and turn body-hips turns for whips
Teisho uke with right arm to opponents right arm covering right ribs.
Back wrist to opponents left arm and holding their right punch.

Teisho uke opponents chest-covering right ribs


Back wrist strike

Spread fingers tighten wrist
Teisho uke back wrist is the yin yang as one is chamber for the other.
Can be used as back wrist strike or same side head strike.