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The Hangover Part 2

Sunny side up egg, truffle aioli, smashed avocado, white cheddar, bacon, hash browns on a challah bun.
Served w/ french fries


White Chocolate Strawberry Pancakes

3 large pancakes, strawberries, white chocolate chips, topped w/ whipped cream and powdered sugar
Served w/ maple syrup


Old School French Toast

2 thick cut slices of challah bread dipped in a classic french toast batter and topped w/ fresh bananas and powdered sugar
Served w/ maple syrup


Green Eggs and Ham Benedict

1 slice of white bread, 4 oz pulled pork (braised in angry orchard apple cider), white cheddar cheese, bacon, two sunny side up eggs, finished w/ hollandaise and fresh salsa verde
Garnished w/ sea salt, cajun seasoning


Chicago-Style Steak & Eggs

5oz filet, two hash browns, creamy garlic spinach, two sunny side up eggs
Garnish w/ scallions


Smashed Avocado Toast (VA)

1 slice of baguette cut into four sections, 4oz guacamole, black bean corn salsa (black beans, corn, diced tomatoes, shallots, chopped cilantro, lime juice, cilantro lime vinaigrette), sunny side eggs, shoestring potatoes, cotija cheese, creamy garlic mojo


What are brunch sides?

bacon, hash browns, eggs, toast.


How much are brunch sides?



What are additional brunch items?

Spicy salmon tostones, guacamole, spinach & artichoke dip, crispy asian calamari, spicy tuna tartare, grilled chicken wings, the prohibition, grilled chx avocado salad, oven baked mac & cheese, california chopped chx bowl, rainbow sushi bowl, the drunken goat, grilled salmon zen, golden quinoa salad.


What type of oil do we use in our fryer?

Canola oil


What steps should a service staff member take when a guest informs them of an allergy?

Communicate ALL intolerances to your kitchen and expo manager. Verify that all requests can be accommodated and THEN ring in your order.


What is Celiac Disease?

It is a digestive disorder that damages the small intestine, which is triggered by consuming a protein called gluten,.