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What is the name for buddhist worship.



What does buddharupa mean?

Perfect human.


What offerings do buddhists make to the temple?

Candles, flowers and incense.


What does each of the offerings represent?



What is the stupa?

The stupa is built with a mound at the bottom to represent Earth.


What does the stupa contain?

Holy relics.


What will a temple most likely feature?

A main hall, a meditation room, a stupa, and a study hall.


What is the main hall for?

It has a shrine dedicated to the buddha or bodhisattva.


What are the 3 types of meditation?

Samatha mediation, vipissana meditation and visualisation.


What is samatha meditation?

It involves focusing on mindfulness of the body and the breath.


What is the aim of samatha meditation?

To calm the mind.


What is often used in the meditation to help focus?



What are some examples of kanisas?

Earth, water, fire the colours blue or red.


What is vipissana meditation?

It occurs when the mind is calm and one develops a sense of the true nature of reality. The mind is focused entirely on the present.


What is the aim of vipissana meditation?

The aim is to give full attention to what is on your mind at the time.


What is visualisation?

In visualisation, you are simply imagining an object. You begin looking at an object or photo and then take it away. You then revisit the image in your mind, visualising all of the intricate details.


What do Tibetan Buddhists often visualise?

A Bodhisattva.


What sort of objects do Buddhists use for visualisation?

Mandalas and thankas etc.


What is are thankas?

Paintings of the Buddha.


What are mandalas and why are they significant?

They're sacred diagrams which represent different aspects of dhamma. They are often made out of sand which is brushed away when finished. This reminds them of the impermanence of everything.


What is a Buddhist retreat and where is it commonly celebrated?

Buddhist retreats are popular in the West but less common in the countries where Buddhism is part of everyday life. A Buddhist will retreat to a monastery for a few days in order to live with others who share the same faith, live a simple life, practise meditation and Buddhist rituals.


What is the aim of a Buddhist retreat?

To deepen their understanding of Buddha's teachings.


What is vassa?

An annual retreat lasting for 3 months. It happens in the rainy season and monks only leave the temple when necessary, instead dedicating more time to meditation and study.


What Buddhist community takes part in vassa?

Theravada monks.


Why is Wesak celebrated?

It's believed that Buddha was born, achieved enlightenment and died when there was a full moon. Wesak is celebrated on a full moon.


What is celebrated during Wesak?

Buddhas life.


How do Buddhists generally celebrate Wesak?

They decorate their homes with candles and paper lanterns and give gifts of food, candles and floored to the monks in their local monasteries.


How do monks celebrate Wesak?

Chanting scriptures or preaching sermons about Buddhas life.


How do Buddhists in Singapore celebrate Wesak and how is it symbolic?

They release birds into the sky as a symbol of liberation and to signify the release of past troubles or wrongdoings.


How do Buddhists in Indonesia celebrate Wesak and how is it symbolic?

Giant paper lanterns are lit to coat up in the sky. The light symbolises hope, enlightenment and the fact that the darkness of ignorance can be overcome.


What type of Buddhists celebrate parinirvana day?

Mahayana Buddhists.


What is celebrated on parinirvana day and when is it celebrated?

It's celebrated in February and it's to remember the Buddha passing into parinirvana. It's also to reflect on your own future death and to remember loved ones who have died.


How is parinirvana day celebrated?

Passages from the Mahaparinirvana Sutra are read during the day. Buddhists might spend the day reading at home, meditating or they might go to the local temple.


What is the Mahaparinirvana Sutra?

An important scripture that describes Buddhas last days.


What normally happens in a Theravada funeral?

Very little money is spent on the funeral; mourners will instead give the money to charity or make a donation to the temple. A shrine will be set up displaying a picture of the diseased and Buddha too. They're mostly cremated with their ashes scattered, though burial is permitted.


Why is money donated during a Theravada funeral?

It will bring good kamma which they believe can transfer to the deceased so that they will have a more favourable rebirth.


What type of funeral do Tibetan Buddhist favour and why?

A 'sky burial' where the body is left in a high place as a gift for the vultures. It reminds you of impermanence and allows the physical bodies to return back to the universe like in dependant arising.


What do Pure Land Buddhists do during funerals?

The coffin will be placed facing West while mourners walk around it chanting. After cremation, the family pick out the bones with chopsticks and the remains are kept for 49 days with prayers ever 7 days.


What’s the difference between festivals and retreats?

Festivals are the religious outward face and are open to anyone whereas retreats focus the religion away from the public face


What’s a laity?

A non-monk


What do laity do on Wesak and why?

Follow 8 precepts rather than 5, including no singing/dancing/wearing garlands and perfumes, eating after midday and sleeping in soft beds. They also attend the temple, make offerings to the temple and the vulnerable in society and reinstate their commitments to giving virtue. They do this to give them a better understanding of what Buddhist monks do.


Why do Buddhists make offerings to Buddha in the temple?

To express gratitude for his teachings and examples.


What type of Buddhism is the meditation room called a gompa?

Tibetan Buddhists


What do more recent stupas contain?

The remains of monks or nuns, or items associated with significant people.


What does the stupa represent and how is it built?

Built with a mound at the bottom to represent earth ( where everything returns to)


How is the tower built and what does it represent?

Tower built of different shapes to represent fire, earth air


What’s a vihara?

A monastery


Why is sangha important for worship?

Like-minded people


Why is chanting helpful during worship?

It focuses the mind and helps with meditation.