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The department provides reasonable break time during work hours for a member to express breast milk for how long after the child’s birth.

1 year


Prior to what age, the medical community considers the risk of adverse outcome in a healthy pregnant female as low.



The American Medical Association (AMA) recommends that expectant women who spend more than _______ a day on their feet should switch to a desk job by ________.

4 hours
24 weeks


To minimize the possibility of contaminating the hospital’s water supply, all FEMS Department hoses shall be flushed for how long?

5 Minutes


The use of alcohol is prohibited by an employee within ______ prior to reporting for duty.

4 Hours


Which office receives complaints and allegations involving sexual harassment directed against officers and employees of the District Government?

Office of Human Rights


Firefighters and single role providers seeking a change in duty status due to pregnancy shall schedule a visit to the PFC within ________ of the date they notify the PFC, company officer or their supervisor of their pregnancy.

5 Days


What is the minimum annual percentage rate of employees subject to random drug testing?



Only complaints of sexual harassment that concern incidents which occurred within a period of _____ immediately prior to date of the complaint is filed shall be considered.

1 year


Who shall members separating from the department turn in their identification cards and PAT when processing the clearance form?

Training Academy


How many hours of administrative leave may be granted for an employee’s initial EAP appointment?

2 Hours


Safe place project personnel will make arrangements for the youth to be picked up within _______ when possible, and transported to a safe place shelter.

20 Minutes


Employees may carry over a maximum of _____ unused military leave into a new fiscal year.

15 Days


When an employee’s medical condition requires a change in duty status, subsequent visits to the PFC during the prenatal period will be at the discretion of the attending PFC provider not to exceed ________.

6 Weeks


CIPM (Critical Incident Personnel Management) team members should respond to calls within how long?

20 Minutes


What is the concequence of a “Positive Breathalyzer Test” with alcohol concentration of .040 or greater

Recommendation of termination


How long after being relieved of duty and directed to the PFC for an alcohol, controlled substance or illegal drug test is it deemed a “Refusal to Submit”?

90 Minutes
1.5 Hours


If the initial screening test for a breathalyzer is .020 or greater a confirmation test shall be performed. What is the time frame that the confirmation test will be conducted?

No earlier than 15 mins after the screening test but no later than 30 mins


Upon entering the Alcohol and Substance Abuse Rehabilitation Programs, how many days must the employee test negative otherwise be recommended for termination?

45 consecutive days


When dealing with a youth seeking Safe Place shelter, the on-duty platoon commander, street calls unit and/or EMS Supervisor shall ensure that there are at least how many members in the youths presence at all times?



How many days of Military leave are employees granted each fiscal year?

15 days
120 Hours


What is the best way to keep in touch between a member and an officer during deployment?

via e-mail


Repeated false alarms to the same address may be an indicator of what type of activity?

Possible criminal/terrorist activity?


Who is subject to disciplinary action in the following circumstance? A probationer is taped to a chair by another fireman where everyone in the fire house can see including the officer.

Everyone that allowed it


When having a hearing for an EEO complaint, how many days in advance of the scheduled hearing date must your request for witnesses be submitted?

Three working days


When a complaint of discrimination is brought to the attention of the EEO counselor, How many days do they have before conducting their final interview?

No later than twenty-one(21) calendar days


Within how many calendar days of receiving a complaint of sexual harassment will the DMO appoint an Investigator(EEO counselor) to fully investigate the complaint?



Under what circumstances does asking for reasonable accommodation (change or adjustment to the job) cancel out any prior disciplinary actions?

The request will not cancel out any prior disciplinary actions


What room cannot act as a designated lactation room for a Breastfeeding Mother?



Who should all questions from the media about FEMS patients and their condition be referred to?

Public information office


Under what circumstances may documents marked “attorney-client privileged” be released to the public or media?



How should you line up for a funeral detail in order to present arms?

Two opposing files with senior ranking officers positioned closest to the church


How soon after a critical incident does the team preform a Defusing?

As soon as possible but no more than 8 hours


When is the employee assistance program(EAP) recommended for an employee?

As an adjunct to disciplinary action when behavior seems correctable


What is the time limit for filing a grievance?

45 days


What is a positive breathalyzer test?

BAC of .020 or greater


At what time frame shall the investigator send a full report of Sexual Harassment?

21 days


If the resolution to a sexual harassment case is not resolved who forwards the case to another department?

The Fire Chief


In a sexual harassment case within what time frame will they forward the sexual harassment case over to another Department?

60 Days


What is the name of the department that the DCFEMS will forward the sexual harassment case over to if the resolution is not resolved?

Department of Human Rights


Who decides on considering whether a work conflict exists due to a sincerely held religious belief or practice?

Assistant Chief, EEO


Out of 10,000 pregnancies how many will end up in spontaneous abortion (natural fetal death)?



Except for a disciplinary grievance or grievance of enforced leave, personnel filing a grievance shall present the grievance within how many days, not including Saturdays, Sundays and legal holidays?

45 Days


How many hours after any positive confirmation test (0.02 or greater) must a member remain in a non-duty status?

24 Hours


Testing pursuant to Post Accident of bulletin 5 must be performed with how many hours of the accident for the results to be valid?

2 Hours


Who will be the primary point of contact throughout the Active Military duty process and will provide the member with a package of pertinent information?

Fire Department Human Resources Advisor


In the event a member discovers any of the indicators of possible criminal/terrorist activity or surveillance the member should be report this to the on-duty Operations Deputy Chief and who else?

Special Ops Battalion Chief


Only complaints or allegations of sexual harassment of a DC government employee that concern incidents which occurred within how many days from the time of the alleged incident will be considered.

180 Days


Firefighters and single role providers seeking a change in duty statues due to pregnancy shall be directed to schedule a visit to the Police and Fire Clinic with how many business days of the date that they advise the PFC, the company officer or their supervisor of their pregnancy?

5 Days


When an employee’s medical condition requires a change in duty status, subsequent visits to the PFC during the prenatal period will be at the discretion of the PFC provider not to exceed how many weeks?

6 Weeks


Under the Family and Medical Leave Act, if the submitted medical certifications states the serious medical condition is indefinite or the end date is unknown the approval many need to be renewed every how many months?

6 Months


Under District of Columbia Family Medical Leave Act, an eligible employee is entitled to take up how many week of unpaid leave during a 24-month period for family leave?

16 Weeks


A request that a room be designated for lactation shall be made within 30 days before the first day the member wishes to use a lactation room, what is the form number for Lactation Time Request?



What is the only entity within the agency authorized to release Protected Health Information to any person outside of the agency?

Office of Information and Privacy


How many hours will an employee be excused for to attend his or her initial assessment and referral session in the Employee Assistance Program, with no charge to his or her leave,

2 Hours


On this date each year, the Department Advisory Board of Awards, will submit a special report to the Fire Chief and the Public Information officer listing the number and names of members in all categories?

January 31st


During investigation and resolution process of sexual harassment, if a resolution cannot be reached within the Department within how many days? The Fire Chief will refer the complaint to the Department of Human Rights.

60 Days


Potentially a reservist whose military duty spans two fiscal years may use up to how many days of military leave within this span?

45 Days


When youth come into the fire station seeking Safe Place shelter, the on-duty platoon commander will immediately contact who?

Officer of Unified Communications-Watch Commander


Under the Substance Abuse Policy, a referral for testing made in bad faith or for purposes of harassment shall be treated as what class infraction?

Class IV


No supervisor having knowledge that an employee is using alcohol while on duty, or has used alcohol within how long, shall permit the employee to drive a vehicle on District of Columbia business or to preform safety sensitive functions?

4 Hours


How long do employees have to report to the PFC for random drug testing upon relief?

90 Minutes


Employees entering a rehabilitation program will be placed in a leave status of their choice for a minimum of how many calendar days?

45 Days


After expiration of an employee’s leave status for entering a rehabilitation program, the employee will return to full-duty and continue to participate in a rehabilitation program for how long from the date of his or her first negative test?

1 Year


What is the maximum amount of days of unused military leave an employee may carry over into a new fiscal year?

15 Days


An employee who believes that he or she has been discriminated against because of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, marital status, personal appearance, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, genetic information, family responsibilities, matriculation, disability, or political affiliation in connection with any aspect of District Government employment shall consult an Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) counselor within how many days of the occurrence of the alleged unlawful discriminatory practice or of his or her discovery of the occurrence?

180 Calendar days


An Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Counselor shall, insofar as is practicable, conduct the final interview with the complainant not later than how many calendar days after the date on which an Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) complaint was called to his or her attention by the complainant?

21 Calendar days


An Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Counselor shall advise a complainant in writing in the final interview of the complainant’s right to file a formal complaint with the Director, EEO, within how many days of the final interview if the matter has not been resolved to complainant’s satisfaction?

15 days


To the extent practicable, an employee requesting family or medical leave shall be notified of the approval or denial of such request within how long?

15 days


For the purpose of family and medical leave under D.C. FMLA, an “eligible employee” is an individual who has been employed by the District government for 1 year without a break in service except for regular holidays or leave; and has worked at least how many hours during the 12-month period immediately preceding the request for family or medical leave?

1,000 hours


Any person who is a full-time student at an accredited college or university and under what age is considered to be a child as it relates to D.C. FMLA?

23 years old


Breastfeeding members may use lactation rooms during allotted paid breaks in their tours of duty. These break times shall be no longer then what?

30 minutes every 3 hours


Providers who are contacted by law enforcement authorities, investigators, or attorneys, including attorneys from D.C. Attorney General’s Office must consult with who before providing information as it relates to Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)?

Information and Privacy Officer


A request for a record of the department which is not ordinarily made available shall be submitted in writing with the envelope and letter clearly marked with what?



If a patient is not transported and protected health information (PHI) is recorded by FEMS personnel, what shall be given to the patient?

A copy of the Notice of Privacy Practices


Employees who receive subpoenas to testify in court or give a deposition in a case involving the D.C. Fire and Emergency Medical Services Department are required to immediately call who?

The General Counsel


Who shall be notified upon learning of the death of an active or retired member during the off-duty hours of the P.I.O.?

On-duty Watch Commander


In the case of an active member, who shall be responsible for assembling the Family Services Team, as designated by the Fire Chief, and shall assume all responsibilities of the team until the team has been assembled?



According to the FEMS Bulletins, an employee shall be entitled to a total of how many work weeks of family leave during any 24-month period?



This form will place the member in a non-paid Military furlough status upon exhaustion of members paid leave status. And a copy will be forwarded to the company officer to be retained in the deployed member’s personnel file.

SF 50


What is the timeframe the Department has to resolve a sexual harassment complaint before the case is referred to the Department of Human Rights and Minority Business Development?

60 days


What is the timeframe the Department has to resolve a sexual harassment complaint before the case is referred to the Department of Human Rights and Minority Business Development?

30 Days


Who controls the selection process of employees for random drug/alcohol testing?

Human resources


Who can a member contact if they suspect violations of the hazing policy and the want to remain anonymous?

Internal Affairs


Any employee on sick leave for over how many calendar days is not be subjected to random testing?



After expiration of the choice of leave period for entering a rehab program, the employee will return to full duty with what stipulation?

No driving for 45 days


What is defined as any intentional, knowing, or reckless act committed by an individual, against another employee?



How long after a job accommodation has been granted, should the agency assess the effectiveness of the accommodation?

4-6 weeks


Who is responsible for the general administration of the policy involving a reasonable accommodation due to a disability?

EEO & Diversity Manager



Request additional resources as needed and appoint Safety Company or another on scene Chief Officer to serve as the Incident Safety Officer.



NFPA 1021


Who is responsible to execute a FD form 108 Supervisor’s Quarterly Safety Inspection Report (JAJO) after the Safety Inspection of each facility?

The responsible Property Officer


When a recognized animal organization such as the Society to Prevent Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) contacts OUC concerning an animal rescue, what unit will be dispatched initially to evaluate if Fire Department assistance is needed?

The closest Battalion Fire Chief shall then be dispatched (in-service on the air)


When MPD or a private citizen contacts OUC concerning an animal rescue, the nearest Battalion Fire Chief shall be dispatched non-emergency. What other resource should be requested?

Animal Control


On average, how much water does any given hospital need per minute to operate suction devices and pumps, as well as heating and cooling equipment and toilet facilities during an emergency water outage?



When providing emergency water supply, in order to prevent contamination of a hospitals water system, how long must the pump and hoses be flushed prior to connecting to a hospital’s emergency water supply connection?

5 minutes


In the event a parent has brought a juvenile to the station for counseling following an instance where he/she is playing with matches etc., within what time frame should the Juvenile Fire-Setters Referral Forms be completed and forwarded to the Juvenile Fire-Setters Counselor?

3 Days


In the event a fire incident is of a large magnitude there is a fire casualty or traumatic injury
involving a juvenile, when should the fire investigator notify the Juvenile Fire-Setters Counselor?



All evidence collected by DCFEMS personnel will follow what criteria for processing?

MPD General Orders and Guidelines


Prior to a member receiving a non-emergency form 140 can only receive instruction where?

The Fire Training Academy in supervision of the Deputy Fire Chief TA or his designee


For drivers training, the course will follow what NFPA standard?

NFPA 1002


How many questions will be administered for a technician exam?



After creating a protective barrier with the apparatus, safety cones should be placed diagonally tapered barrier ___ feet prior to the first piece of apparatus?



When parked on the scene of a motor vehicle accident, what lights should not be illuminated?

Headlights unless neeqded for scene illumination


When is the only time you may dispense of wearing the traffic safety vest when operating on a traffic accident scene?

While wearing SCBA


The safety officer works under whose direction

Deputy Fire Chief-Risk Management


n accordance with the Cold Weather Guidelines, apparatus air tanks shall be bled when?

At 0700 and 1900 hours daily


The Department’s Cold Weather Guidelines apply under what conditions?

When the wind chill factor reaches 32 degrees


Which hospital official is authorized to request that FEMS Department supply emergency water to the hospital?

Acting Hospital Administrator


What is the penalty for “Burning One’s Own Property With Intent To Defraud or Injure Another”?

Imprisonment for not more than fifteen years


Under what conditions is it lawful to aid in a “Kindling Bonfire”?

Between sunrise and sunset


Willingly or knowingly giving a false alarm of fire is considered what type of crime?

A Misdemeanor


In the absence of a fire investigator, who is responsible for completing the Juvenile Fire-Setters Referral Form?

A Battalion Fire Chief


Who is responsible for collecting fire incident related evidence?

MPD evidence collection team


MPD’s fire proof storage connex box is maintained at what location?

Engine 24


Preservation of the fire scene will begin with who?

The first arriving unit


Initial instruction of all personnel in driving DC Fire and EMS Department vehicles shall be under the supervision of?

DFC Training Academy


The Emergency Response Qualification to Drive and Operate section of the FD Form 140 shall be endorsed by whom?

Platoon Commander


How do you obtain a replacement ID card due to promotion or retirement?

Contact the training academy during normal operating hours and make arrangements to obtain a new card.


At or below what temperature do the cold weather guidelines take effect?

When the wind chill reaches 32° F


You are responding to an emergency at the United States Capitol. Where under no circumstances may fire department vehicles be driven?

Onto the slag roof terrace on surrounding the North, South and West sides of the Capitol


You are responding to an emergency at the National Zoological Park. What location can a Fire Department vehicle not be driven?

The parking deck over the new maintenance shop


What type of connection will hospitals install to their existing water system in order to participate in the emergency water supply for hospitals program?

2 ½” gated National Standard Fire thread female coupling


Who will a hospital administrator contact if they are in need of an emergency water supply?

Office of Unified Communications


After filling out a form 23JFIP/ juvenile fire setter’s referral form where is the form filed?

The original and one copy is sent to the juvenile fire-setter counselor and one copy is kept on file by the reporting unit


Any roadway that has limited access and utilizes ramps for entry and exit and has a posted speed limit of 40 miles per hour or more best defines what?

A Highway


What is the age range for the juvenile fire-setters referral program?



Completing the driver’s training course in less than the minimum time limit will be considered speeding and be a cause for failure. What is the minimum time limit for an Engine, Ambulance and Rescue Squad?

9 Minutes


Completing the driver’s training course in less than the minimum time limit will be considered speeding and be a cause for failure. What is the minimum time limit for an aerial ladder truck?

13 Minutes


Driver testing and training requires your average speed to be between what miles per hour(mph) to be in compliance?

10 to 15 mph


Under normal atmospheric conditions, at a minimum how far away must vehicle warning lights be visible from?

1500 Feet


Where shall EMS units be positioned when arriving at the scene of a motor vehicle crash on the highway?

Beyond the incident as it relates to the direction of travel of the roadway


The driver of any vehicle other than one on official business shall not follow any responding fire apparatus closer than how many feet?

500 Feet


To minimize the possibility of contamination, how long must all FEMS hoses being used to supply emergency water to a hospital be flushed prior to being connected to the hospital intake coupling?

5 Minutes


The maximum time limit for completing the driving course in an aerial ladder truck is?

25 Minutes


In order to to preserve evidence, overhaul is conducted in two phases, the first should begin where?

The area with the least amount fire damage


From the perspective of fire investigators, what is the most critical function of fire suppression personnel?

Preserving fire patterns


For the initial 140, how many attempts at the driving course may a candidate make in one day?



In the Driver Training Course, the “Alley Dock” requires that the vehicle operator stop within how many inches of the rear barrier?



How long after a member death shall official personnel folders be kept?

5 Years